"Skins" is the sixth episode of the tenth season of Aqua TV Show Show, and the 126th episode overall. It originally aired on September 22, 2013.


Master Shake and Meatwad try to play kazoo and trombone, respectively, with a hippie drum circle. Shake is told by an unnamed hippie that he needs a drum to play in the drum circle. After learning how to play and haggling with the unnamed hippie, Shake gets a pair of bongos from the hippie. Upon playing the bongos at home, a mysterious skinless creature appears. Shake gets Frylock to come see it and shoot it with a gun, which does not work because the creature is intangible. The Aqua Teens decide to confront the hippie about the idea of having a cursed set of bongos, and they demand a refund. The hippie states he cannot offer a refund because it is against corporate policy, despite the fact that his business is run out of his van. Frylock tells Meatwad to play the bongos again, but the hippie interjects and tells the story about how he got high, discovered a race of purple creatures on an alien planet, slaughtered them, and used all of their parts. Shake questions the idea of a vegan killing a large number of animals, but the hippie trails off. Shake goes to the drum circle and informs them of the unnamed hippie's wrong-doings, but after chaining himself to a tree, he finds himself being hauled off by the authorities Frylock then comes to bail Master Shake out of jail. Later, Shake arrives home to find the drum circle outside of his house. One of them is playing the cursed set of bongos and informs Shake that the skinless creature is watching television inside the house. Shake argues with the creature, but Carl starts attacking the drum circle, which causes the creature to disappear forever. The Aqua Teens then start playing again (with Frylock on the violin), and Carl decides to book them at a mattress store as "Def Lepp (clears throat)." The episode ends with Carl talking with the store manager.


  1. The entire race of purple aliens are killed and skinned.