the South Bronx Parasite (voiced by Akhenaton Nickens) was a parasite with eggs implanted inside the South Bronx Parasite diet bars Carl was eating to lose weight in his dieting contest with Meatwad. Carl, being an idiot, assumed the labels said "South Bronx Paradise" and was unconcerned when Frylock pointed out that parasite(s) were eating his flesh so long as he was "guaranteed to shed pounds within hours".

Right before (the now ridiculously skinny) Carl got on the scale, the Parasite burst out of him, put Carl's destroyed body on the scale, and shouted triumphantly (in the voice of a small black boy, presumably from the South Bronx) "I win brother! I win, I win, I win! In your face Frylock, I win!" (as seen to the right)

The South Bronx Parasite seemed confused why Frylock and Meatwad then fled the house in terror, wondering out loud "come on, where's everybody going?".


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