A scene set in Space from "Spacecadeuce".

Space is a general location is Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Many characters on the show, most notably the Mooninites and the Plutonians, reside in space. The episodes "Spacecataz" and "Spacecadeuce" take place in outer space.

Inhabitants []

Notable Locations Within Space[]

The Moon[]

The Moon is perhaps the most prominently featured location in Outer Space in the show. Ignignokt and Err live there, and are often appear to be the only inhabitants. However, it was revealed in the Season 3 episode "Remooned" that they may not be the only Mooninites, depending on how you interpret the vague and made-up word. Uncle Cliff was seen, and Ignignokt mentioned that he has "not been all right since the Lunar War." This implies that they are many inhabitants on the moon. In "Moon Master," it is revealed that there is a monster known as the Gorgotron exists. What this monster does is a mystery, as Ignignokt and Err were scamming Master Shake, Meatwad, and Carl into believing they could stop the Gorgotron, so their talk of the Gorgotron terrorizing the moon may or may not be true. The parents of Ignignokt and Err were briefly mentioned in "Moonajuana." Of course, there may not be any inhabitants, because the show barely has an continuity.

In the closing credits, the Aqua Teens are seen blasting off into space and being stranded on the moon. This idea was revisited in a fantasy sequence within the film. In certain episodes, the Mooninites can be seen in the background on the moon.

Planets mentioned by Dr. Wongburger[]

Dr. Wongburger has mentioned returning to his home planet in every episode he has made a major appearance in. However, the name of this planet changes. In "Dickesode," he referred to it as Dick Planet and planned to reach it with a spaceship made of penises. In "Creature from Plaque Lagoon," he was trying to escape to "Tooth Planet." Finally, in "Hands on a Hamburger," he came back as a hamburger and blasted off to Hamburger Planet with Master Shake, much to Shake's dismay.


Despite all of the aliens in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, planets are very rarely mentioned in great detail, besides the various appearances of The Mooninites. Emory and Oglethorpe, in spite of their pride in their species, are the only Plutonians to appear on the show; however, Oglethorpe's parents were mentioned briefly in the film. The film also showed the Plutonians in college 75,000 years ago, but this could really take place anywhere, even Earth.

Travis of the Cosmos once traveled to Earth to recieve help with his 401K but did not go into detail about his home planet.

A couple of Frat Aliens named D.P. and Skeeter visited the Aqua Teens. Skeeter left D.P. Stranded with the Aqua Teens, along with another frat alien, who quickly died due to their hazing. D.P. continuously mentioned his father's dealership, but this dealership is never brought up in great detail. It is presumably part of space, as is the Frat Aliens' university, but what the dealership sells is a mystery. Furthermore, it is never even addressed what planet this dealership is located on, if any.

A spin-off series called "Spacecataz" was produced, but it only lasted one episode for unknown reasons. Space became the battleground for the episode. "Spacecataz" was split up into several pieces that became the cold openings for Season 3. Unfortunately, the last few minutes are only available on the Volume 4 DVD box set.

Dusty Gozongas, in the episode of the same name, was abducted by some Wrench Aliens, who encouraged her to do various sexual things, such as pole dancing. It was revealed that there was an entire stadium full of Wrench Aliens, but the episode ended too quickly for viewers to learn more.

After Season 3, space wasn't visited very often for quite some time, other than a few jokes and Mooninite cameos. Dr. Wongburger claimed to live on another planet a few times, but this may not be true. It wasn't until Season 8 that space was again mentioned. A being known as Allen took over Earth for a nine year period of time, forcing everyone on Earth to do nice things. He is assumed to be an alien, because his real name is alien, but "they [messed] it up on the sign!" Allen's headquarters are located in outer space and are suspended by a large pole. Allen mentioned his father and someone called "Tommy" before Shake outsmarted and killed him.

A puppet known as Zucotti Manicotti resides in space. He has a television program encouraging young children to be better people. He also has a toy line which is incredibly expensive. He visited Earth to inform Meatwad that Shake was decieving him into believing that a Zucotti Manicotti toy was the real thing.

Season 10 had a lot to do with space. In "Banana Planet," Frylock discovered a giant banana in space. The inhabitants were monkeys, who are stupid to the point of not understanding they were living on a planet made of food. A hippie in "Skins" admitted to becoming extremely "high" and killing an entire alien race of cute purple aliens. This confession later proved true, but Aqua Teen Hunger Force barely has any continuity.

Eventually, a sequel to "Spacecataz" was produced under the name "Spacecadunce," which was later changed to "Spacecadeuce." It is essentially what one would expect from a sequel to "Spacecataz." No new planets were explored.