"Space Conflict From Beyond Pluto" is the sixth episode of the first season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It originally aired on April 7th, 2002.


Cold open[]

Dr. Weird emboldens the gentlemen to "Behold!", then drops his robe.


Frylock is repeatedly transmitting the first few notes of La Cucaracha through a satellite dish on the roof of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force's house when he receives a response in the form of a house-shaking low bass note. Using his computer, Frylock contacts the aliens and opens a video feed. Two aliens, one orange and one green, both basically just a mass of spikes with heads, are barbecuing watermelon, some type of bird, and meat on a grill. They assure Frylock that the fact that they are barbecuing means they are peaceful.

The Plutonians, Oglethorpe and Emory, argue over whether they have laser eyes, then invite Frylock up to their ship. Although, Oglethorpe is unsure whether they possess a transporter device, Emory knows they do and initiates the transport. As Frylock is transporting, Oglethorpe knocks over the barbecue, demanding that the 'gross shanks of meat leave his dominion' and prompting Emory to warn him about burning down the ship. Oglethorpe reveals that he has a plan to betray Frylock - he will melt him, in the 'Meltorium'. Emory objects, thinking they were just going to hang out, but Oglethorpe insists.

Frylock appears with a six-pack of beer. Oglethorpe initially does not recognize Frylock, but then invites him into the Meltorium. Frylock declines. After a bit of conversation about the Plutonians' sweatbands/headbands, Oglethorpe again invites Frylock to the Meltorium, but he again declines. Frylock asks about their spikes, which Oglethorpe says are pointy arms. Emory explains that the spikes eject soap, and when Frylock says it smells like waste, Emory further explains that "one man's waste is another man's soap." Oglethorpe again attempts to lure Frylock into the Meltorium by 'tossing a frisbee' at it, but he only drops it and stomps on it.

Frylock asks if there is a higher brain form with which he could speak, but there isn't. When Oglethorpe states that the Plutonians' plan is to dominate the world, Frylock expresses his doubt that they could succeed and starts hitting random buttons in an effort to beam himself back home. Instead, he beams Master Shake aboard. Frylock finds the correct button and beams himself back to Earth. The Plutonians' stare at Master Shake open-mouthed, seemingly shocked by his appearance. Oglethorpe finally expresses his desire to blow up the Earth, though he seems unsure if that is actually his plan. Master Shake doesn't care and lies down to rest his back, which he says hurts after the transporting. Oglethorpe and Emory drag Master Shake into the Meltorium.

Back at home, Meatwad shows Frylock how he set a small piece of the carpet ablaze. Frylock chides him about using fire, but Meatwad has already melted the siding off of Carl's house in an effort to 'cut his grass'. Carl, who originally paid Shake to cut his lawn, tells Frylock and Meatwad that he wants to talk to him as soon as possible.

Back on the Plutonians' ship, Emory and Oglethorpe search in vain for the remote control that activates the Meltorium. In an effort to occupy Master Shake they shove a few magazines through a slot at the bottom of the door, but Master Shake isn't interested. The Plutonians then activate an 'underwater pizza' scenario, which turns the apparent background of the Meltorium into a looping video of a slice of pizza being pushed through an aquarium.

The 'space phone' starts ringing, and the Plutonians realize that they have left it in the Meltorium. The space phone, a small robot with phone handsets for arms, rolls up to Master Shake, who answers it. Oglethorpe opens the door to the Meltorium and grabs the phone from Shake, but it's Frylock and he wants to talk to Master Shake. Frylock tells him Carl wants to talk to him, and Master Shake says he's unavailable, but Carl can see him on Frylock's computer. Carl expresses his anger at Master Shake, but Master Shake states that some things simply carry risk. Enraged, Carl threatens to slice Master Shake into pieces. Shake hangs up the phone.

Master Shake grows bored of the pizza video, so the Plutonians play him "This Horse's Anus". After several minutes, Master Shake exits the Meltorium, explaining that the video was amazing, while the Plutonians watch in stunned horror. Master Shake states that he really enjoys the Plutonians' neat stuff, and they lure him out into space with the promise of a $100 bill. Master Shake, inside a small egg-shaped pod, searches for the money, but the Plutonians fly away.

Master Shake lands back on Earth in front of Carl's house. Carl, brandishing a tire iron, jumps into the pod so that he can show Master Shake the finish on it 'up close'.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Plutonians, Emory and Oglethorpe.
  • This is the first episode where Dr. Weird doesn't create or use something that is later used in the show.
  • The Plutonians’ ship is really Uglor’s from the Teen Force segment from Space Stars.