Space Ghost is a Character from the 1960s series, Space Ghost & Dino Boy. In 1994, he was the central character in the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim talk-show Space Ghost Coast to Coast. He gets blown up
by a missle that Meatwad launches in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters. His Guest in the Colon Movie is the Twelve Ounce Mouse. In The Dressing, Dr. Weird somehow ripped the head off the body and put on Space Ghost's head/mask and said, "There can be only one!" Seth Green was the Guest, and, interestingly enough, the episode is about a robot turkey, and Seth Green had been speaking to Adult Swim since at least 2001 for his own show, Robot Chicken. Space Ghost had his own show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which was a talk show were he was the host. He has had two voice actors, Gary Owens and George Lowe. He also makes a cameo in Multiple Meat when Frylock returns to the Aqua Teens's home, Space Ghost can be seen in a dumpster, he also makes a cameo in "Allen Part 2", and can be seen in one of the monitors on Allen's ship.



  • In the original storyboard for the episode Rabbot (episode) Space Ghost was going to appear near the end of the episode, this was scrapped for unknown reasons, however the storyboard is seen on the Future Wolf III extra on ATHF Volume Two DVD Box Set.
  • It was on his show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast that the Aqua Teen's first appeared.
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