Spacecadeuce is the tenth and final episode of Season 10, and the 130th episode overall.


Aboard the Plutonians' spaceship, Oglethorpe and Emory are in hypersleep; Oglethorpe is clutching a teddy bear while staring at a pig night light, which is suddenly flung across the room. A giant white monster leaps onto Oglethorpe's hypersleep tank and attempts to get in, but 6 months pass and Emory eventually wakes up, causing the monster to flee. The Mooninites then call the Plutonians, telling them that they conquered their race while they were hypersleeping and that Oglethorpe and Emory were now their slaves. They force them to go to the Jon Ron Donald, a meat eating spaceship that had eaten two team of Mooninites and one team of space chimpanzees. However, the Plutonians enter the Don Jon Ronald (though this is just the Jon Ron Donald in disguise), a ship that is identical to the Jon Ron Donald with the difference being that it is the coolest after hours party ship in the universe.

Aboard, Oglethorpe's father calls him and tells him that the Mooninites were just messing with them; the Jon Ron Donald is actually not a meat eating ship, but a food truck for Planet of the Apes, and the Plutonians attempt to escape via the ship's anus. It is revealed that the two ships are lovers, though, and the Jon Ron Donald inserts its johnson into the Don Jon Ronald, trapping the Plutonians within the johnson. The two ships then anally fornicate while flying through space.


  1. The crew of Mooninites, the rescue crew, and banana planet monkeys are all killed by the Jon Ron Donald.