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Spacecataz is a failed spin-off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, centered around an ongoing feud between The Mooninites and The Plutonians. It was cancelled because Adult Swim felt there was little, if anything, that could be done with the characters. Instead of taking off and becoming its own series, the 11 minute pilot for Spacecataz was split up and included at the beginning of every episode of Season 3, replacing the Dr. Weird and Steve shorts. The full episode is available as an extra on Disc 2 of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume Four DVD Box Set.

While not part of the spinoff, "Spacecadeuce," was made in spirit of it.


The ten minute Spacecataz short revolves around The Mooninites and The Plutonians having an ongoing prank war. After a bout of stupidity, Oglethorpe demonstrates his ship's voice activated self destruct system to The Mooninites, causing both of their ships to be caught in the resulting explosion.