Spaghetti is a dog created by Carl with the "Make Your Own Dog 1.0" software in the episode "Hand Banana." Carl wanted to call him "The Enforcer," but he instead wanted to be named "Spaghetti." He has the same voice as Carl, along with the same sandals, tan lines, hair, and gold chain because of Carl's DNA.

Spaghetti rapes Carl after he claims to "feel a connection" after seeing they have the same hair growth pattern. The episode ends with Master Shake watching his neighbor get sodomized by the human-dog hybrid (disturbingly, masturbating to it), assisted by Hand Banana. Frylock tells Shake to go in his room "If that's what he's going to do." Master Shake then angrily replies "I don't have a room!"

Spaghetti returns on the Aqua Teen spinoff Aquadonk Side Pieces. In the first episode "The Return of Handbanana" he is called by Handbanana to help him bring Carl back to his house after he gets eletrocuted by the shock collar.


  • [chuckles] I got your father right here. [laughs] I got your daddy! [continues to laugh]
  • Hey we got a lot in common here...I'm gonna rape you.
  • I want my name to be Spaghetti.
  • Eh, I'm not really that attracted to him...
  • I don't know I'm done with that...
  • Some'n about you though... it just seem like... we click or something, feels comfortable you know what I'm sayin'?
  • I want to be called Spaghetti.