A revived Squirrley in Buddy Nugget.

Squirrley (also spelled Squirelly and Squirly) is Meatwad's deceased pet squirrel that he considers one of his "dolls." Meatwad unintentionally kills him with his electric powers that he gained when Master Shake leaves him locked inside the dryer. When Frylock breaks the news to Meatwad and exposes his deceased body (with rigor mortis already set in) to him, Meatwad grabs hold of him, and mourns his death. However, his contact with him causes him to smoke once he funnels his electric powers within it. Even though Squirrley is dead, Meatwad still plays with it, keeps it with him, and even classifies it as one of his dolls.


Frylock revealing Squirrley's deceased body to Meatwad.

Squirrley is later revived as a zombie in Reedickyoulus by Carl's radioactive feces. Squirrley and all of Meatwad's other zombie pets proceed to try and kill Shake for being responsible for their demises. The pets unable to kill him decide to zombify Shake instead by having sex with him.

Squirrley is later seen alive and well in Buddy Nugget with no signs of zombification. He and many of Meatwad's other "friends" where summoned to Meatwad's side when he used the Buddy Nugget. The reason for his non-zombie revival is unknown but it is likely due to the absurd nature of the world where Aqua Teens takes place.


  • Squirrley first appeared in Balloonenstein and last appeared in Multiple Meats. As noted in the series, those episodes are nine years apart. Which means that Meatwad has had Squirrley for that long, and his body has still not yet succumb to Skeletonization, which normally only takes about three weeks for it to fully decompose into a skeleton. 
  • Squirrley's unexplained revival is much like how many other major characters and villains in the series continue to come back to life soon after they have been killed. However, Squirrley is notable for having been seen on screen as a corpse for the majority of the series' run.


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