Sub shop 2

Shake and Carl in the sub shop for their date

The Sub Standard is where Carl and Shake first have their date with a woman they met in the parking lot at a mall in Jumpy George. Carl and Shake were constantly fighting over who would get to have sex with her. Unknown to them, the woman is actually an alien who is in witness protection on Earth because she gave Ignignokt and Err a ticket and they threatened to kill her.

The Sub Standard is revisited in Big Bro, where Frylock lectures Carl on his violent outburst at Gerald's soccer game. Carl wrecks the sub shop's crane machine as he tries to win the prizes for Gerald. The sub shop is seen yet again in Chicken and Beans when Meatwad first performs his song on stage. Shake records this event as Meatwad gets nervous and projectile vomits all over the crowd, which begins his rise to stardom.