"Super Bowl"
Super Bowl.png
Season 2, Episode 3
Original air date June 8, 2003
Production code 203
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Dave Willis
Directed by Jay Edwards
Featuring Meatwad
Also Appearing Dr. Weird, Steve, Frylock, Shake, Carl, Dewey, Boxy Brown
Parental Advisory TV-PG-LV
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 2
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"Super Bowl" is the third episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 21st episode overall. It originally aired on June 8th, 2003.


Cold open

Dr. Weird is holding a drum when Steve suddenly comes out of Dr. Weirds chest, but Dr.Weird tells Steve to wait for the drum roll.

Main plot

Meatwad finds a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl in a bag of "Enchiladitos", a Doritos-like snack, but he has nobody to take with him to the game. Master Shake wastes no time trying to get the tickets by any means possible, so Frylock keeps the tickets safe.

Carl learns of Meatwad's prize, and tries to convince Meatwad to take him by playing a game of catch with him. Meatwad uses his tickets as leverage to get Carl and Shake to do what he wants, including Carl heating his frozen pool with a blowtorch and Shake buying him a motor scooter. He even tries to tempt Frylock to give him his computer, but Frylock really isn't interested in going.

Shake gives up on Meatwad's tickets and tries to find his own in another bag of Enchaladitos, but ends up becoming obese and contracting both diabetes and cancer, while Meatwad leaves for the Super Bowl with his new best friend Boxy Brown. Frylock soon discovers that he still has the Super Bowl tickets. In actuality, Meatwad and Boxy ended up going to a farm instead. When Shake and Frylock learns this, Shake then yells at Meatwad and attempts to chase after Meatwad for ruining his one chance to go to the Super Bowl, but is barely able to move due to his obesity, and simply falls to the ground.


  • This is Boxy Brown's debut appearance in the show.
  • This is also the first episode where strong/explicit language is censored out by random sound effects. This would then be a recurring gag.
  • On the Volume 2 DVD boxset, the CN Skull is missing, but it still can be heard.
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