"Super Model" is the fifth episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 23rd episode overall. It originally aired on June 22nd, 2003.


Cold open: Dr. Weird reveals that he made love to a lawnmower and has produced an egg-like child with it.

Meatwad and Frylock pleasantly noting how nice it is not to have Shake around, since he has apparently gone on a rather suspicious trip to Guatemala to be a "missionary", which Frylock states to be an obvious lie. Meatwad expresses the sentiment that Shake can be "on a prom date with Santa Claus on the moon" for all he cares, so long as he's gone.

When Shake returns, he's sporting a "better" nose, which he explains as the result of a growth spurt. After being confronted by Frylock, Shake admits that during his "mission trip" he may have had a "small procedure" done so he can "breathe better and hit the high notes", despite the fact that he doesn't sing. Shake retaliates against Frylock's criticism by nothing that he's got no grounds to talk, since he's been busy chatting online with a girl named "69SoFine" who he's afraid to meet, since he hasn't told her that he's a "box of friggin' fries". In them middle of this rant, his new nose begins sliding off his face.

Meatwad decides to take advantage of Shake´s new obsession with plastic surgery to get himself some more alone time in the house, and starts to manipulate and goad him about going back to Guatemala to get some work done on his chin and face, too. Since Shake is so vain and self-conscious, he immediately takes the bait and announces he's immediately going back to Guatemala for some more "cheap su...mission trip!". When Frylock returns and asks what Meatwad said to him to freak him out, Meatwad simply says " hear that? It's the sound of him not being here. You can thank me later."

Later, as Frylock keeps chatting to 69SoFine, Meatwad excitedly announces that Shake is back and "you've got to see this". Shake now has ridiculous "cheekbones" jutting out of the side of his cup and a giant double "chin" which is attached by rubber hose to a noisy remote-controlled pump in Shake's cup that keeps his chin inflated with "natural spring saline". Frylock notes that the whole apparatus is "horrific" and looks badly infected, but Shake is adamant, alternating between denying he had surgery done, admitting he had surgery, and pumping up his chin every few seconds.

Frylock tries to explain to him about the media's stilted perceptions of beauty, and how being a good person on the inside is more imporant. Shake is totally unmoved, and Meatwad goes right back to goading him about his physical appearance, this time telling him he needs to get an eye job, a lip job, an ab job, a "giant brain horn" and a smaller secondary face attached to his lower cup. Shake completely agrees with all of this nonsense, but says he can't afford to go back to Guatemala again, since it's all "fish bladders and coconuts down there" and he "needs somebody who wears shoes and washes their hands". Meatwad says he knows a guy, Carl's friend Terry, who can do a "professional job".

Meatwad and Shake go to Carl and inquire about whether Carl's friend is out of jail yet, and while Carl initially says that part of his parole is that he's not supposed to "do what he was flesh", he eventually relents after the promise of a 10% finder's fee. That night, Meatwad and Carl go to Terry's body shop on the Jersey docks. Carl notes that he "builds hot rods mostly...sometimes faces", and presents Shake a bottle of liquor to chug and a table leg to bite down before Terry gets to work with an arc welder. When Shake gets out, he's wearing a metal case over his body and dragging an extension cord behind him. Carl notes that Terry apparently sold him on the "Tijuana Supremo Package".

A couple of days later, with Shake now plugged into a car battery, the case is opened to reveal him looking like a human hot rod, with his most freakish modifications yet, like a twister horn made of the white 'skin' of his cup body, neon body kit lights built into his skin, a secondary face, a red paint job, and other atrocities. Despite this, he loves the new look until Meatwad pointed out he doesn't have an ass anymore. Feeling that the new look is meaningless without a butt, Shake asks Frylock to help him.

A couple days after Frylock returns Shake to 'normal', he is covered with bruises, stitches and scars, and his nose has been relocated to his lower back and is now runny, which leaves him very depressed. Frylock tries to tell him he's no longer a "freak", despite Carl actually standing outside the window and yelling to passers-by "Hey! Come look at this freak!". Frylock, who has shaved his goattee after Shake mocked him for it, then goes on his date with "69SoFine" wearing a fire department uniform with a mask that Meatwad gave to him.

Meatwad tries yet again to take advantage of Shake by mocking his body image, this time by trying to convince him that he's becoming fat and should consider becoming a bulimic. Frylock yells "Meatwad, no!" from the other room.


  • On HBO Max, the episode is spelled "Supermodel".
  • Carl calls on Terry again, the guy who provided a brain for Meatwad in the episode "Dumber Days."
  • This is the only episode that we see Frylock without his goatee.
  • There is no special sound effect at the end of the theme song in this episode.

Allusions and References[]

  • Shake claims he received plastic surgery on his nose so he can "breathe better and hit the high notes." Michael Jackson made the same claim about his plastic surgery.
  • A growth on Shake says "And ya'll thought Michael Jackson was crazy." This is referencing Michael Jackson's large amount of plastic surgeries.