"Super Sir Loin" is the seventh episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 25th episode overall. It originally aired on August 31st, 2003.


Cold open[]

Dr. Weird reveals that he's grafted a deer antler to his groin so he can fit in with the herd. Steve asks him how he goes to the bathroom, and Dr. Weird simply sprays him in the face with his mouth blowing off his own helmet, and also blowing Steve away.


In this episode, Meatwad continually listens to "Doin it' 4 Da Shorteez" by Sir Loin, who sounds very similar to MC Pee Pants, and like MC Pee Pants, has subliminal messages, which causes Meatwad to take any kind of food away and donate it to Sir Loin, to feed the "shorteez". Frylock, wondering what all of this is about, tracks down Sir Loin and he is getting every piece of food in the world in a building. It is revealed that he is MC Pee Pants and is now in the form of a cow in Satan's orders. Frylock, like last time, tricks Sir Loin into getting in a bank to negotiate better terms for his debts for some outdoor furniture that he purchased, but actually leads him into a slaughterhouse, where things end bad for him once again.


  1. MC Pee Pants is tricked into entering a slaughterhouse.


  • After Shake runs to Meatwad's room with the ketchup, you can still see the bottle in the fridge.
  • The record label that Sir Loin appears on is the same one he was on in his first appearance: Sugarbear Records.
  • During this episode, Frylock can be seen reading a newspaper (aptly titled "The Times") and on the front page you can see a picture of Dr. Weird's roommate, Randall (who, if you recall, had his DNA spliced with that of a pork chop) and below that there is a picture of Ignignokt and Err flipping the bird in a forest setting. On the back page of the paper, a picture of Oog (holding the super computer, from the episode of the same name) can be seen as well.
  • The only things visible in the Aqua Teens' refrigerator after Meatwad raids it are a bottle of hot sauce, ketchup and what appears to possibly be a bottle of whiskey.
  • The channel Meatwad's CB radio is tuned to is 8, surprisingly not 666 (the number of the beast in the Bible).
  • When the scene transitions into hell at the end of this episode, toxic waste barrels and various bones are shown buried deep in the ground beneath the Aqua Teens' home.
  • The 'six-story skeleton named Eddie' Meatwad is talking about is Eddie the Head, the mascot for British heavy metal band Iron Maiden.
  • Carl only appeared in one scene.
  • The man shown on the album cover is really Schooly D.