"Super Spore" is the sixth episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 24th episode overall. It originally aired on June 29, 2003.


Cold open: Following his orders, Steve takes off Dr. Weird's head with a baseball bat, then, as he reads in a paper, it says: "Now wait for further instructions from talking hole in neck", but nothing happens and Steve leaves.

The episode begins with the Aqua Teens in Carl's backyard, in his pool. During one of Master Shake's arguments with Frylock, a tentacle comes up and penetrates itself into the back of Shake's skull, rendering him unable to speak. After goading Shake into continuing the argument, he realizes that something's wrong after Shake starts speaking an alien language which Frylock falsely believes to be Japanese and follows the tentacle back to near their crawlspace, where they meet an alien spore. The spore introduces himself as Travis of the Cosmos, and see that the tentacle he's using is his way of communicating since he has no mouth and cannot speak through any of the spikes on his body.

Travis has come to Earth looking for a job, preferably with a 401K and health insurance. However, he cannot communicate this need to the Aqua Teens because none of them understand. The group decides to teach him English so he can better communicate. However, it doesn't go smoothly at the beginning, as Meatwad procures an instructional tape from Carl, but unfortunately it is a self-help tape for picking up women at bars rather than learning English. Travis immediately takes the tape to heart and begins communicating in a hodgepodge of broken English and sleazy pickup lines.

After hearing what Travis has learned, Frylock decides to go in a different direction and teach him normally...although it doesn't work because Travis is still cursing and earns himself a time out. Shake, meanwhile, after having been Travis' unwilling brain slave for most of the episode, then starts to freak out, realizing that Travis has caused him to lose "long, long tracks of time" and also burned his hand off with acid he shot from his tentacles.

Frylock is finally able to craft a communication portal out of a colander, amplifier wire and a stereo speaker, and Travis is able to communicate without using his tentacle. He finally applies for a job at the mall, but is not hired, likely because he's a disgusting space alien with a colander on his head who is nervously urinating all over the office (so much so that he ends up shorting out his portal's speaker, which promptly catches fire and burns part of at least a nearby bulletin board), and also that he admitted during the interview that people like him "because I force them to... WITH VIOLENCE", plus the manager notes he isn't "hiring animals." Travis leaves with a polite "Thank you, bitch! Suck it dry!", dragging his speaker behind him and starting several fires on the way out.


  1. Dr. Weird has his head knocked off with a baseball bat by Steve.


  • The language tape box reads: "Do it all night, every night!" and claims that one will "meet actual women" and "get to first base - then touch them all" with a money back guarantee.
  • In this episode, the rest of Meatwad's room is revealed (in the scene where both Meatwad and Travis are punished and sent to separate corners).[1]
  • When Shake is yelled out of the house by Frylock, his left hand was shown burnt off when it was his right.
  • Carl only appeared in one scene with one line.
  • This is the only episode of where shakes eyes go up and his voice sounds deep.