"Super Squatter" is the eighth episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 26th episode overall. It originally aired on September 7th, 2003.


Cold open: Dr. Weird introduces the thermostat. He turns it all the way up. Steve asks if it is on, and Dr. Weird catches on fire.

Master Shake failed to pay the bills and the Aqua Teens lose the use of their utilities including their cable, electricity, phone, and water. Frylock tries to get Shake to be more responsible by informing him that he cannot live like this for long since he is so used to the light and cable, but this only makes Shake mooch off Carl instead. In a failed attempt to get Shake out of his house with his gun, Carl accidentally shoots himself in the foot while Shake is watching TV and eating pretzels as if nothing is happening.

Meanwhile, Meatwad is trying to make himself a hot dog smoothie, but can't due to the fact that there's no electricity to power the blender. Meatwad decides that he has to make a weenie smoothie manually, by using a lawnmower with the handle weighed down by bricks. Shake watches with enthusiasm and asks Carl if he's watching. Carl is still looking at his wounded foot, commenting on how he's losing blood, to which Shake comments that he has plenty of blood. Carl attempts to drag the phone to himself, making Shake know that he wants the phone. Shake gets the phone for Carl, commenting on how they have a vibe, and stepping on his wound. He then dials the phone, and, much to Carl's chagrin, who calls a doctor-themed sandwich shop called Dr. Cheesesteak, and orders a sandwich for them, while Carl silently mutters how he will blow Shake away. Shake then asks Carl if he wants yellow peppers, to which Carl calls out for help, to which Shake just takes as meaning no. Hanging up, he tells Carl he has his back referring to the sandwich he ordered, and asks him for money needed to pay for the sandwich.

Meatwad has finished his weenie smoothie, and goes over to an astounded Frylock, asking him if he wants one, but Frylock is more concerned with the noises coming from Carl's house, and asks Meatwad to turn the lawnmower off. Shake then comes out of the house asking Meatwad to make him a weenie smoothie, causing Carl's screams for a doctor to reach the outside world. Frylock goes in to help Carl, and lifts up his wounded ankle, causing Carl to scream in pain. As Frylock explains to Carl that he needs to keep his foot elevated to reduce the bleeding, Carl's foot then detaches from his ankle. Shake comments that they need to get it on ice, he pushes away Carl's cooler, which is stocked with ice, saying he needs the hospital's ice. Frylock then slowly takes a screaming Carl to the nearest hospital in the Danger Cart, which, given the speed they're going at, takes hours.

Carl is returned home, with his foot now stitched to his forehead and wasted on "horse pills" (painkillers) the size of golf balls. Apparently, if you eat four, the "yellow gateway opens for the dwarf man" on the Aqua Teen's lawn. Meanwhile, the electricity has come back on at the Aqua Teens house, which leads Frylock to believe that Shake paid the bills, to which he said, "Hell no, I pay no bills. I pay you no mind." Frylock grumbles that he's at least happy that Shake accepted some responsibility "in the most ass way possible". Apparently, Shake restored the Aqua Teens' electricity by using multiple extension cords and multi-outlets to divert Carl's electricity to the Aqua Teens' house. However, the cords were all wired together badly, causing Carl's house to be set on fire. Frylock offers Carl to stay at their house, to which Carl lays down on the ground next to an anthill, causing ants to start crawling all over him.


  • The second column from the left in the dividing wall that leads to the Aqua Teen's kitchen is once again broken from the top down in this episode, for a very brief time, then it reverts to the usual broken from the bottom up.
  • Number of explosions in this episode - 2 (the Aqua Teens' cordless phone and television set)
  • Windows on the wall behind the Aqua Teens' television set appear in this episode for the first time. They do not reappear again until the episode, The Shaving.
  • The Shake signal (last seen in Bus of the Undead) briefly appears in this episode.
  • The part of shake saying "we've got each other" is a part of the song "Livin on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi.


  • After Carl shoots himself in the foot, there is blood on the carpet, but when Frylock enters Carl's house, there is no blood on the carpet.