"Super Trivia" is the tenth episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 28th episode overall. It originally aired on September 21st, 2003.


Cold open[]

Dr. Weird starts the opening as usual, only this time he is talking through his ass.

Main plot[]

It all began when the Aqua Teens went to a bar where there was a trivia contest in which Wayne "The Brain" McClain is always the winner, so Frylock is challenging him with his team Meatwad and Shake but they don't do more than screw up things. So in order to make both of them more worth participating, Frylock ties them in chairs in front of a screen and forces them to watch a compilation of human knowledge in a gigantic DVD of 7.2 million exabytes of data. After that, only Shake has asimilated the information and semi-consiously helps Frylock with the trivia questions the next time they went. That time, they also included Carl to the team because Frylock forgot to include sports in the DVD and Carl knows about the subject. Once there, only Shake and Frylock are the ones making points since sports questions never came up and Carl was only eating chicken wings and drinking beer. At the end, they lose again, but only because Wayne made up the final question. In fact, Frylock discovers that he made up the entire bar, the real location being a grassy knoll. Wayne made it up to attract women, despite the fact that the bars only patrons were male. Frylock tells him that he should have just made himself a woman, and he does, but she appears to be made out of cardboard. Meatwad tells Frylock that Shake is being eaten by aphids, and Frylock leaves with only Meatwad, telling Meatwad "He'll get a ride."


  • This was the last episode of the season to use the word "Super" in its title.
  • The bar was later seen in "Dummy Love"
  • When they first go to the bar, Meatwad uses the name "The Backstreet Boys" for their group, yet when they go with Carl, he uses "The One-Eyed Wonder Weasels and Their Two Balls".
  • Wayne's huge brain and ability to create physical illusions is a parody of the Talosians from the original Star Trek series. Interestingly, Wayne's voice actor, Seth Macfarlane, is a fan of Star Trek.
  • When Frylock ties up Shake and Meatwad and clips their eyes open this is a reference to the Ludovico Technique from "A Clockwork Orange."