"Sweet C" is the fourth episode of the eleventh season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the 134th episode of the series overall.[2]


Frylock convinces Carl to shrink him so that his tiny tv could look huge in comparison, but after he gets shrunk he remarks that he's unable to press the control buttons, Frylock then uses the opportunity to give Carl the actual reason as to why he was shrunk, to figure out why the bees of his beehive have stopped producing honey.


  1. Hundreds of Bees die due to Carl not taking care of them. And more from Master Shake spraying their hive with bug killer.
  2. Both Carl and Master Shake are internally attacked by bees.


  • The cover image for the digital downloads for the eleventh season was derived from this episode.
  • Carl had previously been shrunk in "Unremarkable Voyage" and "Gene E.".
  • The footage seen on Carl's television in this episode is from the episode "Spaghetti" from the Soul Quest Overdrive, a short-lived spin-off based on the season five episode "Bible Fruit".
  • The first half of this episode was screened at the C2CE convention on April 25, 2015, when Dave Willis first announced that Aqua Teen Hunger Force had been cancelled.
  • Nick Gibbons, an editor on the series, voices a minor character in this episode, who was named "Drunk".
  • Shake's screaming at the end is recycled from "Piranha Germs".
  • A working title for the episode was "Lost Beekend".
  • This episode leaked online early, before its original airing.