"T-Shirt of the Living Dead" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 53rd episode overall. It originally aired on October 10th, 2004.


Spacecataz opener[]

The Plutonians discuss the kinds of pizzas they ordered for The Mooninites. Then The Plutonians realize that they're hungry and teleport onto The Mooninites' ship.

Main plot[]

The Aqua Teens are at a museum in the egyptian section and Master Shake is bored while Frylock and Meatwad find it very interesting. Shake sees a T Shirt that belonged to the egyptian god of the dead, and immediately wants it after hearing that it grants the wearer the power to know and do anything. Shake sprays the glass for lasers then asks Meatwad to morph to a hammer, while he uses a pipe to break the case and steal the shirt. Security comes and piles up on Meatwad.

Back at the house, Shake refuses to return the shirt, while Frylock says that the shirt smells like ass due to it being five million years old. Shake demands that Meatwad wash the shirt, which takes longer than expected, as Meatwad has thrown in his Christmas stocking as well. This angers Shake, who says that the T-Shirt was to be washed with bleach and hot water, only for Frylock to point out that the tag said cold water only. Meatwad's stocking has faded pink, while the shirt is left pink and shrunk. Shake can barely put it on, so he has Meatwad wear it instead to do his bidding. Shake tells Meatwad to conjure a plague of snakes to devour him, but he instead makes the Easter bunny appear. After Meatwad makes a second attempt, resulting in The Easter Bunny's twin brother, Frylock goes to the mall, instructing them to call him on his cell if something goes wrong. Meatwad tries again but instead makes Easter bunny duplicates and Santa Clause, who is angry at being woken up in July.

Meatwad annoys Santa by asking for presents and ends up conjuring them up himself. Shake voices his displeasure on how "his" shirt is being used, prompting Meatwad to create a giant Easter egg monster with lizard-like limbs. Santa goes out to investigate and ends up horribly burned by the monster's fire breath. Carl comes over and points out the monster on his lawn, which Meatwad dubs Eggzilla. He then conjures up a female Eggzilla for the original to have a prom dance with, which leads to the destruction of Carl's house. Carl passive aggresively asks the two monsters to make sure his house is completely crushed before angrily attacking his car with a pipe, shouting that they missed it. Frylock arrives and is horrified upon seeing the horrifically burned Santa.

Frylock hooks up Santa to a life support system, while Santa angrily rants about his current appearance, how he will hurt Meatwad as punishment, the fact that he won't be able to do his job at Christmas, and how he will also call the police. Frylock angrily calls Meatwad into the living room, telling him that he needs to fix this situation. Frylock is appalled when Meatwad starts to knock over the life support systems while creating a cover story about Santa having broken in and catching on fire from faulty wiring and pointing out that no one else knows that Santa is here. Frylock voices his displeasure at this, only to back down when Meatwad threatens him with the shirt's powers. Frylock asks that Meatwad just do something to help the situation, only for Meatwad to conjure up a unicycle for himself.

At Christmas, Frylock and Meatwad drive the sleigh, while Santa remains in a plastic tent after his elves have given him a soccer ball skin graft, which he is depressed over. They land on a house that Santa guesses is Jeffy's and recalls that the boy wanted a wooden train, only for Meatwad to create a wooden brain. Frylock points this out, only for Meatwad to threaten him with banishment to the moon if he back-talks him, which Frylock acknowledges. Meatwad says that Jeffy is going to have to bite the bullet, as they have had a long night and haven't even covered the Eastern Seaboard yet. Santa says it is fine, as Jeffy is not too bright a child. Shake, having been transformed into a reindeer version of himself by Meatwad, asks when they can switch. Meatwad says they'll finish America, then Europe, and then Shake will do the Middle East by himself. The episode ends with an angered Shake shouting "Fuck you" at Meatwad, who responds with "Cry me a river bitch!"


  1. An Easter Bunny Lookalike has his face torn off by Frylock's lasers after suggesting that Frylock give Santa a "big ol' chocolate Easter egg".


  • In the DVD release of this episode, it is renamed: T-Shirt of the Dead. It's also the title used for the episode on HBO Max.
  • The T-Shirt of the Living Dead re-appears in Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am.
  • In earlier airings of this episode, Santa states "Those faggoty elves don't even come until September". This was changed to "The sweet little elves don't even come in till September" in later airings, as "faggoty" was considered too offensive. The DVD also uses the censored version.
  • Carl only appeared in one scene in this episode.
  • Dave Willis previously voiced Santa in an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast called “Girl Hair”, in which he turned out to be a monster known as Bizarro Santa. Meatwad even asks Santa if he got his letter, which also happened in the Space Ghost episode where Moltar asks Santa the same thing.
  • This is Santa's first proper appearance (not counting the brief cameo in "Mail Order Bride"), and he makes another appearance many years later in "The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)."

Cultural references[]

  • Eggzilla is a reference to Godzilla.