Let me put it to you this way: if there was a single author of this page, I'd tell him that he failed at just about everything. I don't want to be too negative; I really don't, but this page may be the worst "Main Character" page on the wiki. "

Here's my least favorite line in this page:

He is of undeterminate descent (although the "-ewski" suffix of his surname would suggest a Polish background) and his apparel marks him as a typical low-brow New Jerseyite. featuring a fake gold-flake chain, wifebeatershirt, pocketless "New York Giants #1 Superfan" sweatpants designed to "circulate air around [his] genitals and wick the sweat off [his] balls", and flip-flops."

This is just the overview, and there is so much wrong already. First of all, the part about him possibly being Polish should be saved for Trivia. Secondly, this sentence is far too long. I feel like I'm reading a novel instead of a sentence. Third, the line about his pants was directed at his leopard-skin pants in the film, unless you go by the Deleted Movie (and why would you?). Fourth, the line about his pants is absolutely irrelevant. It's more irrelevant than mentioning Meatwad's being Jewish under "Powers." This just kills the pace of the article. If this article were a rollercoaster, with good down parts and bad up parts rather than the opposite, that line about his pants would be the 30 minutes you spend waiting for the firemen to get you out of the ride when you're stuck at the top of a loop. Fifth, why is there a link to the wikipedia page on flip-flops? Is it really such a foreign concept?

There's a Heading2 Section called "Competing with Frylock for the affections of Darlean the mother of Frylock's little brother." That "Heading2" should just be a line under "personality" rather than its own section. I think that heading is longer than its respective section.

There's also "Trivia" being listed as a "Heading3" under "Other." There's nothing else under "other," so why not just make Trivia its own section. His opinions on music could just be listed under said Trivia section. "Hobbies" should just be listed under a Personality section, and "Friends, family, and associates" is pretty okay but could be listed under "Relationships."

"Car" and "Spin-off Web Show" should be listed under some sort of "See Also" page, and the idea of seeing his species say "Human, genie" made me laugh, which is a very bad thing.

Overall, this page just stinks, and I think Siberian99 and I will have to work on it piece by piece together, because neither of us should have to take on this Herculean task alone. Sorry if I sound a little angry, because this doesn't actually make me angry. I just type that way sometimes. Edd Shwartz (talk) 22:59, November 8, 2013 (UTC)Edd Shwartz

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