The date for Meadwad's birthday (cited as May 25th) cannot be correct as the intro song states that Meatwad is a Taurus (April 19-May 20)

Suggested Revisions

Well, the main problem with this page is that it often goes on tangents, or even states information irrelevant to the topic at hand. Like Siberian99 said on the To-Do List comments section, it states that Meatwad was briefly Jewish in "Der Inflatable Fuhrer."

I think that rather than listing his shapes, we should summarize them into a paragraph. It shows more effort and comes off as "less cheap" in my eyes. I think the gallery of Meatwad's shapes can stay, too.

However, we have pages for Dewey, Vannessa, Happy Time Harry, and Jiggle Billy, so it's unnecessary to list them here. If a user really wanted to find a complete list, there's a category for it (though, I will admit I have trouble linking to it here).

I agree wtih Siberian99's statement on Frylock's talk page that the "Relationships" portion of this article is pretty bare bones. The part with Master Shake is especially bad. It could go more into detail about Meatwad and Shake's battle for intellectual supremacy, but instead it just repeats itself. His relationship with Ignignokt and Err are summed up in two senteces, while his relationship with Carl is summed up in one sentece.

Overall, though, I think it doesn't need to be totally re-written like Frylock's needed to be, as there is some information that could stay. Unfortunately, it's so poorly structured, much of it will have to be moved somehow. Best wishes, Edd Shwartz (talk) 22:23, November 8, 2013 (UTC)Edd Shwartz

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