Tammy Tangerine-0

Tammy Tangerine is Bert Banana's fiance and a fellow Christian convert and ex-drug/alcohol/sex addict. She appears in the episode "Bible Fruit" along with Bert and Mortimer Mango. Bert ruined his original hands from beating her so hard, as he pleasantly explains to the Aqua Teens, but claims they're all clean now. After Bert falls off the wagon and goes ballistic when he sees Frylock's rum, she tries to calm him down with a prayer session, which fails and prompts him to accuse her of wanting to "have sex with the fries" and calling her a "sorry sack of tangerine bitch". After begging Bert not to hit her, she eventually agrees to help him tear apart the house to find more drugs and liquor, and is presumably killed when Frylock blows the place up.

She also makes a brief cameo in the episode "A PE Christmas" along with Mortimer and Bert.

She also makes a brief cameo in the episode "Freda" on a Kids Menu.