"The" is the twenty-second episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 40th episode overall. It originally aired on December 21st, 2003.


Cold open: Dr. Weird is wearing a strange headdress and rips out Steve's spine yelling "Samhain forever!"

At the Aqua Teens' house, Frylock opens the door and is immediately overwhelmed by the awful smell of the house. He finds that Master Shake has totally trashed the house, and the smell is coming from his leaving raw meat outside to rot believing he was copying a David Lynch movie; he has also filled the house with land-mines which Meatwad constantly steps on. Shake is doing this to keep out the rats and also smashed a hole through the wall. Frylock also finds that Shake has filled his his room with garbage, bricked the door, and installed a surveillance system to see inside it. Having had enough of Shake's disrespectful behavior, he declares their friendship over, moves out and moves into a condominium with the help of Carl, who only helps him because Frylock lied about Shake and Meatwad moving away.

Without Frylock's stabilizing influence, the Aqua Teen house immediately falls into total chaos, with Shake abusing and dominating Meatwad even harder than before, using raw chickens for "chickenball" batting practice in the living room, and burning styrofoam as firewood. Rats are still running in and out of the huge hole in the living room wall. Frylock shows up at the Aqua Teens' house and finds Meatwad with his eyes badly swollen to the point he can barely see from both the raw chickens causing a severe infection (apparently what he wanted, as Shake claims) and the fumes of the burning styrofoam. Shake is unrepentant and arrogant, refusing to go to Frylock's condo warming party, calling Frylock a "beggar." Shake tells Frylock that Meatwad and he are fine, despite Meatwad's pleas for help. At this point, Meatwad inquires what's for dinner, and Shake tells him to find his own dinner, since "this is his mustard!" as he eats a packet. Even Carl is developing eye problems from the disgusting unhealthy conditions next door and asks Frylock for help.

Frylock begins hosting a house-warming party but nobody he invites shows up, apparently because they're disgusted or horrified by him for some reason; one of his friends notes that it's not so much him, just that "people see his family with Frylock", and he's going to "hang out with some human beings". Carl would come, but his eyes shut completely. Meatwad tries calling to RSVP, but Shake intercepts the call, abuses him and hangs up the phone. In desperation, Frylock tries inviting the Mooninites, but they only show up to steal his food, drink his beer, spraypaint his walls, and trash his new home.

Sad and hurt, Frylock visits the Aqua Teen's house again to find Carl taken away by an ambulance, which he falls out the back of onto the street. Shake now has eye problems of his own, and Meatwad's eyes are totally swollen shut. He attempts to tell Frylock about the terrible conditions he's living under, but is threatened by Shake, admitting in a whisper that they ate Carl's holly bush for food yesterday, which Shake calls "bringing in the crops", since they are "farmers now."

Frylock has brought some spring rolls and ointment for the two, which prompts Shake to begin gorging on the spring rolls and Meatwad to eat the ointment, despite Frylock's admonitions that it's for his eyes. Shake, with his usual brand of total arrogance, begins negotiating stipulations for Frylock to be "allowed visitation" at the house, provided Frylock brings a lot of "these little fried burritos." Frylock tells him no and goes to leave. Shake stops him and says he's being serious now, and adds "You must pay us a stipend" to his list of demands, prompting Frylock to curse him. Frylock is already gone, but Shake continues with his demands, announcing that "A memorial plaque will be carved and bejeweled in Shake's honor" before Frylock is allowed back, to which Meatwad points out that he's already gone. At this point the house catches fire from the pile of burning Styrofoam.

Frylock later gets another call from Shake and asks if he is coming back, but Frylock angrily refuses.


  1. Steve has his spine ripped off by Dr. Weird.
  2. Carl, Meatwad, and Master Shake likely succumb to their conjunctivitis.


  • Err's voice is lower pitched in this episode, this also happened in Jumpy George, and The Granite Family.
  • On HBO Max, this episode is titled as "The The".
  • When Shake and Frylock leave the house, Shake can be heard saying, "This house smells like shit" while wearing a mask.
  • The title of this episode is just one word. Unlike any other channels.
  • This is the first time Frylock moves out of the Aqua Teen house.