The Broodwich is a cursed sandwich from Hell that Master Shake discovered in the episode of the same name.


The Broodwich is a thick submarine sandwich on a red baguette with small devil horns on one end. According the voice, the ingredients consist of:

  • Bread forged in darkness from wheat harvested from Hell's Half-Acre and baked by Beelzebub
  • Mayonnaise made from the evil eggs of a powerful dark chicken beaten into sauce by the hands of a one-eyed madman
  • Cheese boiled from the rancid teat of a fanged cow
  • 666 separate meats from an animal which has maggots for blood
  • Dijon mustard
  • Lettuce
  • Sun-dried tomatoes

Shake considers it the "best damn sandwich he's ever eaten", though he does complain of the lack of bacon. The Voice explains that there are no swine evil enough to be sacrificed upon a bed of evil and lettuce.

The Broodwich Dimension

After Frylock tricks Shake into digging holes for planting azalea bushes by convincing him that there's buried treasure in the front yard, Shake ends up falling into a cave full of bones, along with the Broodwich. The Voice beckons Shake to taste it, which he does without hesitation and ends up getting teleported to the Broodwich Dimension in a puff of flames.

The Broodwich Dimension is a largely featureless plane of striped purple hills, where Shake is drawn in a sharper, more stylized version of himself. He meets Jerry, who ends up chasing him with a giant axe before Shake spontaneously teleports back to his own house. After that, every time someone takes a bite from the Broodwich, they teleport back to the Broodwich Dimension, and if Shake consumes the whole thing, he'll be stuck there permanently.

Shake does eventually end up consuming the entire sandwich, but to The Voice's great frustration, Shake picked off the sun-dried tomatoes because they were "disgusting." The Voice tells him that he passed the "secret test of character", and offers to marry him off to a skeleton bride. When Shake refuses to marry her, the Voice gives him the "real" reward, free brain surgery. Shake emphatically agrees to the surgery, resulting in Shake getting lobotomized and eating the tomatoes without resistance. He ends up back at the Broodwich Dimension and Jerry cuts him in half.

The Broodwich reappears in "The Last One," where the Voice tricks Romulox into eating the sun-dried tomatoes. Romulox is then sucked into the Broodwich dimension, and presumably killed.


The Broodwich is an "immortal" sandwich, and can't be destroyed or taken apart (despite Shake being able to pick off the sun-dried tomatoes). The only way to get rid of it permanently is by eating it, but this results in getting teleported to the Broodwich Dimension. It's also apparently extremely delicious (despite the lack of bacon), further tempting Shake into finishing it. According to The Voice, they have a great PR department, able to get them an article in Vogue magazine regarding the Broodwich.


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