The broodwich dimension

(Left to right): Mr. Sticks, Jerry, The Broodwich, Master Shake.

The Broodwich Dimension is a dimension in Aqua Teen Hunger Force in the episode The Broodwich where if you eat the legendary Broodwich, you will enter a realm where you are basically a stick figure. The residents of the dimension are Mr. Sticks and Jerry. Jerry is supposed to slice anybody who enters the dimension in half with an axe. If you taste the Broodwich, you will be in the dimension only temporarily. But if you eat the whole thing, you will be stuck in it forever. If you take anything from the Broodwich apart, you won't be sent there forever, like the sun-dried tomatoes, for example. If you successfully survive the temptations, you get free brain surgery, which is just to get you to eat the whole thing.


  • Master Shake is the only one shown in this dimension (excluding the two aforementioned residents). When Meatwad is briefly sent to such a place, it is off-screen.