Chess Dragon
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Episode count 1
Gender Male
Abilities Fly, Breathe fire
Quote "King SUC to KIT"

The Chess Dragon is an orange dragon that appears in the Season 4 episode, "Ezekial." The creature has two large horns protruding from its head and has fins around its neck. The dragon wears a king chess piece as a suit and holds a staff with him. The dragon also has feet with large talons, has a slim tail, and two large wings. The dragon can roar but communicates via a large screen sticking out of his suit, as words can appear on the device. He seems to be extremely good at chess, as Meatwad says that no one has ever beaten the dragon.

In "Ezekial", the Chess Dragon plays a game of chess with Ezekial. Eventually, Ezekial beats the Chess Dragon and the creature roars in anger. The dragon then spouts fire from his mouth and storms off into the Aqua Teen's hallway. At the end of the episode, the disgruntled dragon returns and bursts through the roof of Frylock's room. The Chess Dragon then grabs Ezekial and flies off into the sky with the anthropomorphic milkshake.


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