"The Cloning" is the twenty-third episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 41st episode overall. It originally aired on Wednesday December 31st, 2003.


Cold open: The Mooninites invite Dr. Weird & Steve to their "ice cream social" in The Last One, but Dr. Weird & Steve can't come because they have been fused together.

Meatwad is watching TV, and Master Shake wants him to change the channel, shooting a flaming arrow through the TV when Meatwad refuses. After they discover that there aren't any more TVs around in the house, they then discover why there were in the first place; Frylock has been cloning them using his cloner, and he's tired of it.

Frylock explains that if something is cloned too many times, like the TV, the molecular structure begins to break down and unusual things begin to happen. Shake refuses to believe it, and Meatwad makes a play for sympathy from Frylock, saying that he can't face the day without his TV.

Finally, Frylock clones another TV, and odd things begin to happen. First, the TV shows Shake as a psycho who clones money with the cloner, becoming rich. He decides to do just that with a dollar borrowed from Meatwad.

The second image on the TV portrays Frylock as a murderer who shoots and kills everyone in the house. This scares Meatwad, who runs away from Frylock when he sees him. Meatwad tries to convince Frylock that there's something wrong, which he only believes after blood starts to flow from the TV. The Aqua Teens gift the TV to Carl, who is initially pleased by their "stupidity" in giving up a perfectly good TV, but then sees a show on channel 666 which shows him meeting the same fate as Frylock's victims from before; Carl angrily forbids Frylock from coming near his house.

Meanwhile, Frylock discovers Shake is cloning money, and tries to convince him that it's wrong, but Shake doesn't listen. Eventually, Frylock decides to start cloning money himself to open a chain of restaurants, claiming it will help him feed the hungry children of the world.

After a while, there's too much money cloned, and a money-crafted George Washington appears to tell them what they're doing is wrong, telling them the story of the American Revolution. In response, Frylock promptly kills him with a shotgun and says that they should have cloned $20 bills because "Jackson wouldn't have given a shit."


  1. Master Shake is killed by Frylock with a shotgun. (In the TV)
  2. Several candy-like characters are killed by Frylock's candy cane gun. (In the TV)
  3. Meatwad is killed by Frylock's candy cane gun. (In the TV)
  4. Carl is killed by Frylock with a shotgun. (In the TV)
  5. George Washingtion is killed by Frylock with a shotgun Although Washington actually died of epiglotites and bloodletting.



The Show[]

This episode and "The Last One" are the only two episodes to premiere on the exact same night.

  • This is the last appearance of Dr. Weird and Steve until the movie.

Allusions and References[]

  • This episode is loosely based around an episode of The Twilight Zone, titled "What's in the Box?"
  • TV Shake: "I'm in your house. Call Me."
    These lines are references to lines said in the film Lost Highway.