"The Clowning" is the twentieth episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 38th episode overall. It originally aired on December 7th, 2003.


Cold open[]

Steve is on the phone ordering subs. He asks Dr. Weird if he wants anything. Dr. Weird reveals that his butt has eaten his hand, and it hungers for more. His butt proceeds to eat the rest of his body. Steve decides that he just wants one sub.


Carl shows up at the Aqua Teen's door to reveal that his house is infested with termites. He mutters that he won't sign for any more packages with "Congo" written in blood. Meatwad hurries over to receive a termite of his own. Throughout all this, Carl seems to be level headed, a trait that he does not usually portray. He reveals that he has gotten a wig, and it cost a substantial amount.

Carl is later reading a magazine on how to pick up girls, when Shake suddenly appears in his room. Carl tries to remove the wig and place it upon a mannequin head, but finds it stuck to his head. Carl is distracted by Shake, who is rummaging through his belongings. When Carl leaves, his mannequin head grows fangs and devilish eyes.

Carl wakes up to Shake standing in his room. Carl's hair has now changed color from brown to blue, and has become much curlier. Shake is quick to anger Carl, and is then thrown out the window. As Carl angrily leaves the room, his mannequin head speaks to a floating head with a clown wig on. They argue, and then part ways as Carl reenters the room.

Later that day, Carl brings home a whore. The Aqua Teens follow him, and through the holes in Carl's wall, watches as Carl plays an air guitar solo, only to be interrupted by the Aqua Teens. As he steps outside to speak with them, his hair gains more mass and becomes red. After they argue, he proceeds to have sex with the now passed-out whore.

At the Aqua Teen's house, an examination of Carl's hair reveals that he is infected with Clown DNA. The whore runs out screaming, and Carl follows, having been turned into a clown abomination, with white skin dotted with purple blotches, a clown nose, huge feet, and a clown car, with his flesh twisting itself to make a bowtie. He goes to the Aqua Teen's house for help. Frylock attempts to cut Carl's hair off, but it only grows back and lands on Meatwad. Meatwad shortly develops the symptoms that Carl had, and Carl walks out with a balloon resembling a shotgun, asking God to kill him. Frylock freezes him until he can find a cure.

Sixty-seven years later, an apocalyptic future is depicted, and Carl, being used as a coat rack and still in a frozen state, is knocked over and presumably killed. The now over-the-hill Aqua Teens struggle to remember Carl's name, and the episode ends with Frylock yelling at Shake and Meatwad, himself fully infected, exclaiming that he has shattered his hip.

After all of this, the scene shows Dr. Weird is in his lab presenting that it how the wig works. Now showing a frozen clowned Steve, the Styro-Head comes up to Dr. Weird. Dr. Weird tells Styro-Head to stop telling him to do things.


  1. Dr. Weird is eaten by his anus.
  2. Numerous creatures are blown up by lasers in the future.
  3. Carl is shattered into several pieces after being frozen.

Cultural references[]

  • Carl claims that he has a Screaming for Vengeance shirt somewhere, a popular Judas Priest song, and album.
  • Shake finds and borrows Carl's Boston box set.
  • We saw that whore has coulrophobia (The fear of clowns)


  • The name of the magazine that Carl reads is Predater.
  • Carl juggles quite a few things, including - the headless Jiggle Billy doll, Niels Bohr's atomic model, a camcorder, Frylock's microscope and a chainsaw.
  • Frylock demonstrates the ability to fire a freeze beam from his eyes in this episode.
  • Elderly Shake and Frylock are watching the bowling show from Universal Remonster at the end of the episode.
  • This episode marks the first time an on-screen female character had an English speaking role in the series.
  • This is one of two episodes that end with a Dr. Weird segment, the other episode being "Dumber Days."
  • When Carl is doing his air solo, I Want to Rock Your Body ('Til the Break of Dawn), pause the video and look real hard above Carl's fake dreadlocks. Above them is part of a pop-up from Interfection.
  • Carl's Whore is later seen participating in the barnyard pornography in Carl's helmet in EDork.
  • When we first see Carl's hair turn red, you can still see the bald hairline underneath the graphic they added to his head. This is indicative of a poor editing job.
  • Carl says to the "total whore," "Let's see where this 12 pack takes us"...but he's clearly holding a 6.