The Credits are shown as the final piece of a television program, naming off who helped produce and create the episode you're watching. In Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the credits theme consists of Shake's quote, "Dancing is forbidden" being remixed to the opening theme's instrumental. Though, the phrase can often be mistaken as "Dance finger puppet" when subtitles are used. Occasionally, the ending theme will vary, sometimes having Schoolly D sing instead of Shake. The images used in the background feature the Aqua Teens engraved on old Egyptian hieroglyphics, Time Lincoln launching the trio into space, and eventually, the group is shown surviving on the moon. The William Street logo is usually seen after this scene, followed by the CN Skull. 

For the first six episodes of the series, the credits were displayed on a plain black screen. The dancing is forbidden theme is also remixed slightly differently. The episode, "Ol' Drippy", introduced the more commonly used credits sequence featuring the trio with Time Lincoln. As the series progressed, the program's name was changed each season in order to shake things up, and the credits were modified as well. The last four seasons of Aqua Teen Hunger Force featured its own different credits theme. 


  • Dusty Gozongas: Plays Dusty Gozongas' theme during the credits and the skull logo was replaced with a "Yes"..
  • Boost Mobile: Axe Body Spray appears in every scene in the credits.
  • Dickesode: Replaces the first names of everyone that worked on the episode to "Dick", except for Brendon Small, who is credited as Donald Cock,
  • Antenna: Final scene continues while the credits starts.
  • Robots Everywhere: Carl continues to play "Count the Bullets" with the robots during the credits.
  • Sirens: The "Skull" at the end of the credits is sung by the sirens instead.