The Flesh Train is the brother of the Hairy Bus and appears in the episode "The Hairy Bus." He has two eyes, a large mouth, an assortment of lights hung around his face, and two horns protruding from his forehead. Text is printed onto his side, reading "The Flesh Train." He acts as a shuttle bus for Atlantic City and doesn't eat people, unlike his brother. He seems to have a cheerful personality and is selfless, allowing his services to be free of charge and wanting to donate his lower intestine to his brother. 

In, "The Hairy Bus", the Hairy Bus claims he needs a new colon and only his brother has a compatible one. The Hairy Bus then informs Frylock and Carl about his twin brother, "The Flesh Train" who acts as a shuttle bus in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The duo travel to the city to obtain his colon. Frylock and Carl finally meet up with the Flesh Train and tell him about his brother, who requires a colon. Retrieving his colon will kill him but the Flesh Train obliges and says they can take it. Frylock then sits on a nearby beach and contemplates his decision, but Carl eventually tells him he impaled the Flesh Train in the face with a stop sign, ultimately killing him and allowing them to take his lower intestine.

The Flesh Train makes his return in the Aqua Teen spin-off AquaDonk Side Pieces in the eighth episode "Merlo's Revenge Upon Unbelievable Ron". Where he is briefly seen helping Merlo and a hypnotized Carl get to Unbelieveable Ron's show.

Appearances []

  • "The Hairy Bus"
  • "Merlo's Revenge Upon Unbelievable Ron" (Aquadonk Side Pieces)