The Gorgatron is a monster that appears in the episode "Moon Master" and is one of the few other Mooninites aside from Ignknokt and Err to appear in Aqua Teen Huger Force.

He first appears as a boss in a game that Meatwad claims he "found under his pillow". After Meatwad beat the game, the Mooninites came down and told him that the Gorgatron is real, and he is destroying their villages and their 'craps' (which is a typo in the script that was given to Err.) and that he must buy Moon Master merchandise to destroy him. Meatwad, Shake and Carl easily fall for this scam, and after the whole ordeal, the Mooninites return to the moon and try to sell someone some Moon Master items, only to find out that the Gorgatron is actually real, who then stomps on Err after he calls him fat.

The Gorgotron also makes an appearance as a boss in the video game Aqua Teeen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am as a boss fight in the Moon level.