"The Greatest Story Ever Told" is the ninth and final episode of the eleventh season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the 139th episode of the series overall. Prior to the announcement of Season 12, it was officially considered the series finale.


Master Shake and Meatwad are watching a video of Shake being eaten by clams from the previous weekend on television. Shake turns off the television and announces that he is, in fact, immortal. He then proceeds to pull out a book called "The Bibble" which he refers to as the Bible. Shake becomes angered when Meatwad corrects him on his error and demands he kneel down and pray to the "Almighty Jimmy", as part of his religion. Frylock enters the room and questions Shake's religion, which promises immortality. Shake states that Frylock isn't eligible for his religion or immortality, before leaving the house with Meatwad. Frylock denounces immortally, before cutting to him washing his fries in Carl's pool with a bottle of "Ceaseless" shampoo.

While Frylock is in the pool Carl comes to question him. Carl picks up the shampoo bottle and reads the label explaining that it gives the user immortally. Carl steals the bottle from Frylock and washes his own hair in his house against Frylock's wishes. Soon after Christopher Lambert abruptly enters Carl's house and explains that Frylock, Carl, and himself are all immortal. To prove this Lambert allows Carl to decapitate him on video. After Lambert successfully comes back to life after decapitation the three of them decide to make a viral internet video of themselves repeatedly committing suicide in different ways, though Lambert finds them all boring.

Meanwhile, Shake and Meatwad are in a church alongside several past characters from the series, in an homage to The Last Supper. Shake is dressed up as Jesus Christ and is apparently hopped up on cocaine, severing his organs and blood for consumption. He tries serving some to Err, but he obviously dosen't want to eat raw flesh, while Emory and Oglethorpe feed their plate to Hand Banana, who starts agressively humping on Olgethorpe the moment they turn their back on him.

Frylock, Carl, and Lambert come in the church to show off their videos and boast on how they're gonna live forever, Meatwad is pretty happy to hear that, since now they can all live forever, though Shake comes in to boast on how he'll live forever through Jimmy, though both Frylock and Carl explain that religion isn't the answer, shampoo is the answer.

Shake then suddenly accuses them of touching his cocaine, and in a fit of paranoia commands everyone in the church to shoot at Frylock, Carl, and Lambert. Everyone in the church complies but are not successful due to the three of them being immortal. Two police men enter the church and order them to give up the cocaine and "all that delicious prime rib", The Mooninites try shooting them with their Quad Laser, but are quickly shot to death by the actual weapons of the police, leading into most of the villains and Shake getting gunned down, Lambert is bored at this as they did the shootout already.

After the shooting Frylock and Carl take Lambert to see a magic show by Unbelievable Ron, to help alleviate his boredom, which he had been expressing throughout the episode. During Ron's performance he accidentally kills his assistant by cutting her in half. Ron uses his powers to turn witnesses in the audience into birds, including Lambert. During the commotion the two police officers return and arrest Frylock and Carl for the murder of Lambert. 35 years in the future Meatwad is visiting Frylock in prison. Frylock explains that Meatwad needs to track down Lambert to get him and Carl exonerated. Meatwad responds by pulling out a bucket of fried chicken, which annoys Frylock. As the on-screen closing credits start Frylock explains that Meatwad can use the remaining shampoo to become immortal himself. Meatwad asks if they would be on TV forever and Frylock confidently answers yes.

After the credits, it's revealed that the entire episode was being watched by the Aqua Teens and Carl, who are all pretty dissapointed on the way the series ended, Meatwad suggests that they do a joke, only for the episode to abruptly end.


  1. Christopher Lambert is beheaded by Carl.
  2. Frylock is cut in half horizontally with a sword by Carl.
  3. Carl gets his head shot off by Frylock's eye lasers.
  4. Frylock is sliced in half vertically with a sword by Carl.
  5. Carl is decapitated with a sword.
  6. Carl shoves Christopher Lambert in a blender.
  7. Frylock, Carl and Lambert are all shredded by the environmentally friendly toilet bowl.
  8. Carl's head is ripped off of his body after having his neck tied to car while strapped onto a tree.
  9. Frylock and Carl both get hit by a car.
  10. Carl is shredded alive by the blades of a helicopter.
  11. Lambert, Carl and Frylock are all gunned down by several past villains.
  12. Frylock, Lambert, Carl, Master Shake, Ignignokt, Err, Oglethorpe, Zucotti Manicotti, Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, Handbanana and Mothmonsterman are all gunned down by the police.
  13. One of Ron's assisstants is cut in half.
  14. Ron turns several people in the crowd into doves.
  15. Lambert is technically killed when Ron turns him into 3 doves.
  16. Ron kills himself by turning his head into several doves.
  17. Carl is electrocuted in an electric chair several times.


  • This episode has the highest amount of main/villain character deaths in the whole show.
  • Markula, Rabbot, Romulox and Emory are the only villains to survive the shootout.
  • First premiered on the [adult swim] website August 26, 2015, three days after The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It). The three day gap between the "finale" and this episode was a possible reference to Jesus' resurrection, continuing with the religious parody presented with the episode.
  • This is the last episode to have the subtitles in all caps.
  • The song "F-Off" is featured in this episode, while Frylock, Carl, and Christopher Lambert repeatedly kill themselves. "F-Off" originally comes from 12 oz. Mouse, another Adult Swim series which Matt Maiellaro was prominently involved in.
  • This was the last season and episode until Adult Swim ordered 5 episodes and renewed the show for a 12th season in 2023.
  • Among the people in the audience at Unbelievable Ron's magic show is the computer repair woman from "Fry Legs" and Michael Kohler from "A PE Christmas".
  • Dan from "Grim Reaper Gutters", the hooker from "The Clowning", and the nun from "Gee Whiz" can be seen watching Carl's failed executions.
  • Chicken Bittle's name and image appear on the bucket of fried chicken Meatwad brought to Frylock. Bittle is one of the protagonists of the movie Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters.


Master Shake: Come on, really?

Carl: So that's it. That's how they end this series?

Frylock: Yeah, I guess so.

Meatwad: We still got a few seconds left. Let's do a joke. Let's do like, a joke or something.