"The Hairy Bus" is the third episode of the eleventh season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the 133rd episode of the series overall.[1]


The episode starts off with Carl and Meatwad leaving their residence to go see a movie. When they both get to the cinema, Carl brings out a hacksaw and tells Meatwad they need popcorn. Next, Carl orders Meatwad to lay under cars and remove their “popcorn makers”, which are really catalytic converters, so they can get some popcorn. After sawing off converters of multiple vehicles, including a cop car, Carl looks upon the Hairy Bus, a hairy hardcore party bus. Carl tells Meatwad to saw off the bus’ “popcorn maker” but instead of sawing off a converter, Meatwad comes out from under the vehicle holding the bus’ lower intestine. The bus begins to groan in pain as blood leaks out onto the pavement. Carl then drives off and leaves Meatwad in the dust.  

In the next scene, Carl’s house is shown with the Hairy Bus outside. The bus informs Carl that he must replace his lower intestine, or else he will release a video of Carl and Meatwad sawing off converters, due to the Hairy Bus having a hidden camera.

Carl tells Frylock about the situation and that he needs him to replace the intestine, due to him taking online surgeon classes. Frylock finds out that the tissue is dead and they need to find a new lower intestine. The Hairy Bus tells them that he has a brother who is stupid enough to give up his intestine and his name is the Flesh Train. The Hairy Bus tells them that he drives around Atlantic city. So, Carl and Frylock go to Atlantic city so they can confront the Flesh Train. When they finally meet up with him, he turns out to be a helpful and kind fellow. Frylock asks him if he can donate his lower intestine to save his brother. The bus says he’s willing to do this but Frylock wants to think about his decision first. He decides to lay on the nearby beach to think about the tough decision. As he is thinking, Carl walks onto the beach to inform Frylock that he has killed the Flesh Train by impaling a stop sign into his eye.

They both meet up with the Hairy Bus again, only to find a dying Master Shake inside the bus. Frylock goes to put in his brother's intestine but instead of doing this, he puts a stick of TNT in the bus’ exhaust pipe, which causes an explosion that kills the Hairy Bus, along with Shake. Shortly after this, Meatwad does the same thing to Carl’s car which causes Frylock and Carl to freak out. Meatwad responds with “I done the same thing you done….dad” as Frylock is shown in a meat-like form saying, “But, I’m not your dad!”


  1. Several people have been killed by the Hairy Bus
  2. The Flesh Train has a sign stabbed through his face.
  3. Master Shake and the Hairy Bus both die in an explosion.


  • The Shrek franchise is referenced when Meatwad asks Carl what movie they're seeing.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Frylock is studying to become a doctor.
  • Frylock is right when he said "But, I'm not your dad!" to Meatwad because Frylock and also Master Shake are Meatwad's older brothers because they were created by Dr. Weird along with their deceased younger brother, Chicken Bittle.
  • Frylock becomes a meat version of himself for some strange unknown reason, even talks almost likes Meatwad at the end of the episode.
  • The DJ from The Creditor and Meatwad's groupies from Chicken and Beans are seen inside the Hairy Bus, when Carl first describes it.
  • This is the second time that Carl has said Frylock's name. The first was Intervention.