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The Jam is a song that was created by hip-hop artist Schoolly D for the season 7 episode, "Rabbot Redux", which used the theme for the opening and ending sequences.


("The Aqua Teens are back in the house, and Schoolly D is back on the mic baby")

"It's been so long, you thought I left you,
but I was in jail with my nephew,
I needed that bail so I kept you,
I bet you thought I let you take my name, my game,
and makin' that money my thang,
You've got to understand,
that Frylock is da' man!
Uh check, check, y'all,
to the beat, y'all,
I got a call from Vishal,
I was sitting in ma' kitchen, said he had a mission,
said he needed some new transitions,
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Schoolly D I'm back on board,
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Schoolly D I'm back of course"