"The Last One" (originally titled "The Last Fucking One For 2003" during production) is the twenty-fourth and final episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 42nd episode overall. It originally aired on Wednesday December 31, 2003.


Cold open: Dr. Weird's laboratory is shown, but the audience does not see inside as it quickly zooms into The Moon.

Without playing the opening, the episode immediately goes to the Moon, where The Mooninites have grouped up almost every villain up to this point in a mission to get revenge on the Aqua Teens. Major Shake tries starting some small-talk to Rabbot, but all it does is repeat "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0" over and over, to which he gives up trying to talk and calls this asinine.

The Dumbassahedratron goes up to the Brownie-monsters to tell them they're weird and laughs very loudly and obnoxiously, while the Frat Aliens, Travis of the Cosmos, Randy (controlled by Travis) and Bingo cheer on Happy Time Harry while he downs an entire beer keg. D.P. yells at Harry for it cuz his dad bought that keg, and not to mention he owns a dealership, with Travis backing him up. Harry replies that his dad bought him a "magic talking knife", Travis eagerly asks what's it saying, only to get stabbed in the eye, freeing Randy from his control.

Randy goes up to Bingo and asks if the massive wound left behind by Travis' tentacle is noticeable, so Bingo tricks him by giving him one of his clown wigs to cover it up, as Randy can't understand Bingo straight up admitting what it does to his face.

Mothmonsterman talks about the new house he bought in Belise to Oog, only for Romulox to butt in and try acting smart by saying that Belise is a "very expensive city, actually", even though it's a country. Ol' Drippy slides in asking if this is the baby shower, while Mothmonsterman says his invitation said "sweaters, all you can eat", and the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future says that he didn't have time to RSVP since he was in the future.

However, they do not succeed, and much of their group is eliminated from the meeting. Only the Rabbot, Major Shake, the Mooninites, Mothmonsterman, Ol' Drippy, Happy Time Harry, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, and get to South Jersey. They plan to shove "The Screw of Damnation" into the Hunger Force's heads. When the Mooninites were asked how they would get it in there, the Mooninites planned (They planned on having the others do it) on giving the Hunger Force a Post-It note saying "Stay Still."

Meanwhile, the Plutonians, who were not invited because they were "teh suck", have formed their own group consisting of them and a headless Jiggle Billy.

When the Villains finally get to the Aqua Teens house, Carl tells them that they moved to Honolulu. Frylock comes out. He blows up Happy Time Harry after saying "Uh, can I help someone?" Ignignokt runs over to the ship and flees without Err. Shake then asks who's going to take him to the mall.

Meanwhile, MC Pee Pants has ended up in Hell again, and like usually, Satan breathes fire onto him. The Dumbassahedratron, who is also down there, says, "Shut up and fish!" and is also set ablaze.


  1. Travis of the Cosmos is stabbed to death by Happy Time Harry.
  2. The Trees, Flargon and Merle burn to death while strapped onto a wooden rocket.
  3. D.P. has his nipples impaled by needles while his lower body is shredded by a female alien and eaten alive along with Skeeter.
  4. MC Pee Pants is crushed by Err.
  5. The Brownie Monsters are presumably killed by the Mooninites bullets.
  6. Romulox is presumably killed in The Broodwich Dimension by Dennis.
  7. Oog explodes after leaving the dome without any oxygen.
  8. The Dumbassahedratron dies offscreen.
  9. Happy Time Harry is blasted by Frylock's eye lasers.
  10. MC Pee Pants is blasted by a ball of fire once again in Hell.
  11. The Dumbassahedratron is blasted by a separate ball of fire in Hell.


  • Season one and two villains who were left out include: Wayne "The Brain" McClain, Love Mummy,, Willie Nelson, Nathan Scott Phillips (though his absence can be forgiven since he was in a virtual reality simulation inside a virtual reality simulation), The Real Wisdom Cube and Universal Remonster.
  • Ol' Drippy is the only one at the Mooninites' meeting who is not a villain.
  • It's never explained how the Dumbassahedratron went to hell at the end of the episode.
  • In this episode, Bingo's clown wig is said to "turn you into a frozen Clown", even though in "The Clowning" the freezing was done by Frylock, not the wig.
  • This episode and "The Cloning" are the only two episodes to premiere on the exact same night.
  • In the character roll call, Err mentions a villain called "the Klaus." No villain answers when he said it, and the Klaus isn't mentioned any other time in the episode or entire series. This issue has baffled some fans over the years, but in the DVD Commentary for the episode, it was revealed to be a simple reference to the Scorpions, a rock band.
  • Despite the title, this is not the last episode of ''Aqua Teen Hunger Force'' but rather a reference to the fact that this was the last episode of 2003. The DVD commentary also mentions its original title "The Last Fucking One For 2003." However, the word "fucking" was censored out on the audio track.
  • This is the first Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode to not have an opening theme song.
  • Despite The Plutonians not being invited to the meeting, Major Shake attended despite being created by them.

Allusions and References[]

  • In this episode, Happy Time Harry alludes to Ted "The Nuge" Nugent, who would later be prominently featured in the episode entitled Gee Whiz.
  • Rabbot: Sunday Monday Tuesday...
    A quick and almost obscure reference to the Take That hit "Sunday To Saturday."
  • Cybernetic Ghost: "Thousands of years ago I survived the quickening of the..."
    A reference to the film Highlander II: The Quickening (citation needed)
  • Ignignokt: "Let it be short for 'Here I am, Rock You Like a Hurricane.'"
    A quick reference to The Scorpions hit "Rock You Like A Hurricane."
  • Err also mentions Bon Scott, the lyricist for AC/DC.


  • When Ignignokt and Err are talking to MC Pee Pants, the screen changes to the other villains but Happy Time Harry is nowhere to be seen.
  • Err said that the trees were catching a ride with Flargon and Dingle however, Flargon is with Merle on the ship not Dingle.
  • When Dingle was running away his feet weren't moving.
  • When Oog said that Romulox disappeared, his mouth didn't move.