"The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)"[1] is the double-length mock-finale episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It is the eighth episode of the eleventh season and the 138th episode of the series overall.[2]


The episode opens as we see Shake and Frylock working together on an underwater mission to infiltrate a nest of clams to steal something from the Mother Clam. The mission is filled with bickering between the two and ultimately ends when Shake shoots Frylock repeatedly in the back causing him to explode. Upon his death the mission is revealed to be merely a 'video game' under the guise of Clam Digger 2, to which Meatwad wants to play stating he has "been waiting ten years" for the update to his favorite Game Clam Digger. Shake protests claiming Meatwad will grease up the VR headset and controller, and leaves the room claiming to be bored. Frylock and Meatwad then have a short conversation about why they never have conversations with Meatwad claiming they are always one-sided and that Frylock only tells him to 'get his finger out of his butt'. to which Frylock retorts, only for Meatwad to put his finger up his butt and proves him right. Frylock then tells Meatwad that he can't play the game because it is a matter between him and Shake and leaves the room.

Frylock then meets Shake at a steak house and explains that he is dying, with The Jewel of Idahocules, the gem on his back, reaching its 15 year half-life limit (to which Shake comments is "exactly as long as we've been detectives!"), and as a result is leading to his failing health and severely weakening his eye lasers. He continues by confessing that their 'video game' is in reality a simulation that is meant to prepare the two for an actual mission to the world of Clamydia, an alien planet populated by French clams which is the only place where they can find a replacement gem for Frylock, thus saving his life. Throughout Frylock's dialogue however, Shake repeatedly insults the waitresses and other patrons, then comments that clams are shellfish and he can't go since he is allergic and Frylock becomes frustrated, then orders several scotches.

Unbeknownst to them, Meatwad plays the simulation at home and manages to beat it by himself with relative ease and upon winning learns that the game is a mock-up to save Frylock's life, and realizes the gravity of the situation. Shake and a very inebriated Frylock arrive home sometime later and find Carl, who was supposed to be babysitting Meatwad, passed out drunk on their floor. After Frylock attempts to engage in some shenanigans he finds Meatwad in the attic, crying, fingering his butt and clutching a dead Squirelly. Frylock and Meatwad have a small confrontation about conversations again and Frylock withholding the truth from him, which ends with Shake sarcastically revealing "the video game is a simulation", exalting that he was listening back at the steakhouse, the pair then find out Meatwad has beaten the game multiple times and has the high score. Frylock is dumbfounded at this revelation as he thought the mission necessitated at least 2 people for success.

The next morning Carl brings his Jewish friend Hiram over to inspect his dying gem and offers a synthetic diamond replacement, Frylock begins to explain that his jewel is really 'Clamydian Quartz' which has magical properties and is unlike any other gem on the planet, only for 'Hiram's' disguise to fall apart and is revealed to be Carl's friend Dominick, who is really just trying to abscond the jewel for a profit. Frylock quickly begins losing his patience and tells Carl they are going for a swim. While in the pool Frylock pulls a lever which drains the pool and the trio fall down a long chute to a secret underground rocket Frylock had built to complete the mission. Shake repeatedly shouts "Where did you get this?!" as Frylock explains the plan, and gets frustrated when Frylock reveals that he is taking Meatwad on the trip instead of him. Now infuriated, Shake attempts to dismantle the rocket, succeeding only in pulling off a windshield wiper, and falls off a tall ladder. While on his back it is revealed to everyone's surprise that Shake has an identical gem on the bottom of his cup, which is usually out of view, something that even Shake seemed to either not know or remember.

Frylock almost immediately attacks Shake trying to take the jewel only for Shake to plead that he needs it to live as well. After Frylock bloodies his nose Meatwad builds a wall between the two trying to stop the fight. Frylock yells that he needs the gem and Shake doesn't deserve it because "He's a dick!" Meatwad lowers the wall so they can reconcile, but Shake psychs Frylock who then rejects and Shake attempts to shoot his eye lasers at both him and Meatwad but his too are at a dangerously low level of power. Shake plays it off as never using them because they were dumb but Frylock counters saying that he doesn't use them because he can't since his gem is dying too, the two eventually reach a peace point after Shake claims they need to work together if they want to live. Meatwad wonders if his jewel is dying too, which surprises everyone again, he continues saying that he traded his jewel to his friend Zachary some time ago for tater tots and dipping sauce. Frylock demands to know how he is still alive but Meatwad can only guess that it was the power of magic and imagination, as an imaginary version of Santa, a talking rollerskate, and a glitter donkey agree. Shake asks who Meatwad was just talking to (apparently noticing Meatwad imagining something) and asks if that power can keep him alive too. Frylock denies the idea and surmises that something else must be keeping Meatwad alive.

Back at the house, Shake is distraught by the idea of dying and asks to fulfil his bucketlist...which contained only "have sex" written 50 times. To oblige, Carl drives the crew to a massage parlor and gives Shake instructions on who to ask for, and what to and what not to request, this turns out to be a facade as Shake ends up with having a mop shoved up his butt. Frylock then suffers a major nosebleed and loses his ability to hover, and they all hurry back to the rocket, where Frylock informs Meatwad he is too ill to make the trip. So Meatwad embarks on the mission to Clamydia with Shake, Dewey, Vanessa, and Boxy Brown in tow. The two bicker for a bit and splashdown on the planet, Shake eventually missreads a button which launches the mech-suit prematurely, effectively ruining the mission. The sub then comes under attack by clams and Shake realizes the scope of his actions; he then apologizes to Meatwad for the hundreds of thousands of times he yelled at him, and says it made him stronger in the long run. He then loads himself in the torpedo chute and tells Meatwad to fire it so he can reason with the clams. His plan backfires almost immediately though as he remembers he is allergic to shellfish and has angered the clams, who quickly swarm on him. His heroic sacrifice allows an opening for Meatwad to reach the Mother Clam, with his final words being "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever!"

Meatwad then scuba dives out to the Mother Clam and wonders how he'll open it without the mech-suit. To which Santa appears and tells him to use his brain. Meatwad does, in a sense, and uses his brain as bait to open the Mother Clam's mouth. After he manages to pilfer the jewel and he is too swarmed by the other clams and Santa unstructs him to use the jewel, Meatwad then stuffs it in his head and unleashes powerful eye lasers that destroy all the clams and he returns to the sub. Upon arriving home to give the gem to a now-deteriorating Frylock, he realizes that he left it back on Clamydia after pulling things out of his head looking for the keys to the sub/rocket. Frylock dies as the last of his Idahocules jewel's power runs out, and Meatwad greives while Carl and Dominick again plan to take the jewel for money.

Some time later, Meatwad meets a woman online and the two have Chinese food together as they get to know one another. The woman being amused by Meatwad's profile which mentioned his imaginary friends who are there giving him tips on what to do. The two begin a growing relationship that shows a time lapse of her and Meatwad getting married, having children, growing older, paying bills, and going through the motions with a customer on the phone who is looking to get a better deal than $65 a square foot on granite countertops. The time lapse fades as now a late middle aged Meatwad, his wife, and their children return to the house Meatwad "grew up in." The house now being completely refurbished and painted yellow, and in a much better condition that it used to be. Meatwad and his wife knock on the door but no one answers so they go next door to what used to be Carl's house but Carl has long since either died or moved away. Meatwad remembers where the pool used to be, but recalls it being a water slide and is unable to remember Carl's name. They all get back in the car and Meatwad, last survivor of The Aqua Teen Hunger Force, tells everyone to lock their doors, stating "This here's kind of a bad neighborhood. Evil villains everywhere you turn." The episode ends as the family drives away and Willie Nelson comes outside just after they leave.


  1. Shake is killed inside one of his nightmares.
  2. Shake is eaten by clams.
  3. Several clams are blasted by Meatwad's lasers.
  4. Frylock finally runs out of energy, killing him.


  • With 1.59 million viewers this was the highest rated episode of the season.
  • This episode had the most callbacks to other episodes in the series, namely but not limited to:
    • Master Shake's shellfish allergy is a callback from "Merlo Sauvignon Blanco". (Mentioned twice) This ultimately leads to his death when sacrificing himself to distract the clams.
    • The Banana Planet from "Banana Planet" is seen in space, as well as Shake's actions in the rocket mirroring his actions in the episode.
    • The secret tunnel leading to an underground bunker from "Napkin Lad", albeit in a different location, a different color and leading to a different bunker.
    • The Chinese Restaurant from "Fry Legs".
    • The plate of spring rolls on the table is identical to the one seen in "The".
    • The ring Shake was wearing at the steakhouse was the same one he had planned to propose to Freda with in the episode "Freda".
    • The steakhouse is the same restaurant (however a different kind of restaurant, previously being an Italian restaurant) as the one seen in "Working Stiffs".
    • Willie Nelson appearing at the end (though not shown while Meatwad was in the attic).
    • The Meatwad beanbag chair has the same coloration and face as the one on the beanie Shake wore in the episode "One Hundred".
    • Several cans of Thump energy drink from the episode "Muscles" are seen throughout the episode, namely in Frylock's room and in Meatwad's cubicle.
    • The box of chicken wings in Meatwad's cubicle are identical to the one Shake brought home at the end of "The Creature from Plaque Lagoon".
    • Carl's friend Dominik makes a return in this episode.
    • The song playing in the background of the high score scene is the same from the episode "Rabbot", it was playing on Meatwad's jambox before Shake destroyed it.
    • After telling Carl of Shake's death, Meatwad pulls out a yellow glove as proof, expressing that he never knew why he always wore them since he never did the dishes. This calls back to the episode "Last Last One Forever and Ever" where Shake's live action counterpart wears yellow gloves and is shown washing a dish.
    • An older Meatwad recalls the events of T-Shirt of the Living Dead and Total Re-Carl.
  • Even though the jewels are the only thing keeping Shake and Frylock alive, Meatwad seems to have no need for one since, or so he thinks, the power of magic and imagination compensates.
  • Zachary looks identical to Gerald from "Big Bro".
  • Hankwad is playing a Nintendo 3DS near the end of the episode.
  • Master Shake does not have a jewel when he falls over and his base is visible in "Mouth Quest", although there is very little continuity in the series.
  • This is the first time Boxy Brown spoke since "Shake Like Me".
  • This is the first time Santa Claus appears since T Shirt Of The Living Dead.
  • Despite being renovated at the end of the episode, the original interiors of the Aqua Teen House can be seen from the outside looking in.


The AV Club gave this episode a grade of B+.