The Mooninites, Ignignokt (voiced by Dave Willis) and Err (voiced by Matt Maiellaro), are pixelated, video game-like two-dimensional inhabitants of the Moon who see Earth as primitive in every way, though they are frequently seen on it. Often the two come to Earth with selfish intentions to bug the Aqua Teens, namely Meatwad, usually taking advantage of his child-like innocence.


Ignignokt, the leader, is green and is larger than his companion, Err. Ignignokt usually is the one to come up with the Mooninites plans. He is very prideful and condescending about being a Mooninite. Err is his hyperactive trash-talking tag-along. He often yells profanity to get his point across and usually agrees with anything Ignignokt says. Err has actually, however, sometimes shown he is the more intelligent of the two, despite his follower status.

Associates and Relatives[]

Other Mooninites seen on the show include Uncle Cliff and the Gorgotron. Uncle Cliff is Ignignokt's uncle and he screams over the slightest thing, which Err takes advantage of. Cliff was a veteran of the Lunar War and gets "checks" from the government. The Gorgotron is a character featured in a video game set up by the Mooninites themselves for a scam. The Gorgotron says no with his foot.

The Mooninites have also mentioned that they do not have fathers and that they need attention, though this is likely untrue. They say that this is the reason they misbehave because they were never taught to "steal right" and etc.



The Mooninite ship

They use a purple, UFO-like and two-dimensional vessel to travel around. Their ship shows some windows and can also deploy a ramp and landing legs.


Err fits precisely into Ignignokt's head; joining them together activates their superpower: they can fire a large square slow-moving easily-avoided video game "bullet" they call the "Quad Laser", which is a magnification of their smaller and faster (but still slow) laser attacks. When it connects with a target, it teleports them to the moon. A larger and more powerful version of this attack, the "Quad Glacier", seems to be barely moving to the naked eye.


So far, including the Spacecataz openers, the Mooninites have made nineteen appearances. If you count the movie, there are twenty appearances. They appear as the main antagonists in the video game, Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am. They can be seen in Master Shake's pinball machine in Eggball. They don't make any appearances in Season 7 or Season 12, but they do make an appearance in the remake of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme song and the end credits.


  • When fused together, Err supports all of their weight.
  • Even though Err is the smaller one, his eyebrows are formed by five pixels, while Ignignokt has four-pixel eyebrows.
  • The Mooninites make an appearance in an episode of Squidbillies as necklaces worn by the real-life rapper/singer T-Pain and his wife. T-Pain has stated that he is a fan of ATHF and is shown wearing the Mooninite chain in real life.
  • The Mooninites were designed by Jason Koch.
  • It was said (by the creators) that Ignignokt and Err were originally going to be ghosts of "E.T for the Atari 2600" and all of its copies, which, due to the game's failure critically and commercially, the company decided to simply bury in a landfill in New Mexico. However, this idea was scrapped during the development of the first season.
  • Oddly enough, Walter Melon also claims to have created the Mooninites
  • Despite being the Mooninites, Spacecataz demonstrates that, due to their pixelated nature, they are actually quite poor at the art of mooning.
  • The word "Mooninites" can sometimes get or be misspelled by fans or people.

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