The Plutonians (From L to R: Emory and Oglethorpe

The Plutonians are jagged-shaped aliens from the planet Pluto or beyond Pluto.


Plutonians are rough, angular creatures with two eyes and a mouth. They lack legs entirely, instead sliding around on a muscular foot like a snail. Their bodies are distinctively covered in asymmetrical pointed arms which they use to manipulate objects. Their arms are also extensions of their digestive system, and are used to secrete bodily waste; which they claim to also use as cleaning soap.


Oglethorpe (voice of Andy Merrill), the leader, is the obese, orange-colored one who usually comes up with their "plans" for World Domination. Emory (voice of Mike Schatz), his tall green sidekick, who was explained to be partners since college, hooked up by a computer, is the tag-along of Oglethorpe, and usually the one to know when things have gone sour. In "The Last One," Oglethorpe mentions that he went to high school with Ignignokt, mentioning some kind of incident on the bus. Despite this, the Mooninites think that "Plutonians are teh suck", which started Spacecataz. The Plutonians' ship is also, incidentally, Uglor's ship from Space Ghost Coast to Coast. They can be seen in Master Shake's pinball machine in Eggball.


Plutonian Ship

They travel in a large spaceship that is grey and can turn invisible.


  • They are named after the two universities in Atlanta, where Williams Street created Adult Swim.

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