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Shake meets The Voice.

The Voice is an unnamed offscreen character that is 1000 years old. He tells people to eat the Broodwich, often tempting and threatening them into eating it, so that they teleport to the Broodwich Dimension and meet their demise.

The Voice first appears in the episode "Broodwich", where it offers The Broodwich to Shake after he fell down a skull-filled cave, and repeatedly eggs him on to eat it for most of the episode. Shake does eventually eat the whole Sandwich, but to The Voice's frustration, Shake took off the sun-dried tomatoes since he thinks they're "disgusting".

The Voice then tells him he passed "The secret test of character" and offers to marry him off to a skeleton bride. When Shake refuses to marry her, The Voice gives him the real reward, free brain surgery. Shake emphatically agrees to the surgery, resulting on him getting lobotomized and eating the tomatoes without hesitation, after which he gets cut in half by Jerry in the Broodwich Dimension.

The Voice then returns in "The Last One" where he joins the Mooninites' group to get revenge on the Aqua Teens. The Voice successfully tricks Romulox to eat the sun-dried tomatoes, after which Romulox gets transported to the Broodwich Dimension, and presumably killed, to his delight.

The Voice makes his grand return in the second episode of the Aqua Teen spin-off Aquadonk Side Pieces. While Carl is working at "Ding-Dong-Doofus" delivery, The Voice beckons him to "taste the future," only to be ignored by Carl cranking his music up, The Voice then gets his attention by taunting him over the humiliating job name and introduces himself as The Broodwrap, as it has rebranded itself for vegetarians.

He spends most of the episode listing it's disgusting ingredients, such as beets planted in the soil of decomposing fondlers and fornicators and pickled in the urine of a thousand cats, monkey spunk, all things Carl points out definitely aren't vegan. After reaching it's destination at the Aqua Teen House, Carl decides to add his own ingredient to it: "fresh oyster, no half-shell, jersey style" and hacks a loogie on The Broodwrap, much to The Voice's disgust.

It's dropped off at Shake's doorstep, but he's too focused on trying to prank Carl with fried pennies to eat it. The Voice then tries convincing Meatwad to eat The Broodwrap, but he politely declines, to which The Voice finally gives up and slithers away to ask if anyone wants some change he found on the ground, accidentally making Shake fall for his own fried pennies prank.



  • He also has a Department of Public Relations which revealed that Frylock reads a feminine magazine (specifically Vogue).
  • Interestingly, despite previous episodes showing that The Voice and The Broodwich are separate entities, "The Broodwrap" depicts The Voice to be coming from The Broodwrap itself.