“Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme”
The Aqua Teens
Artist Schoolly D
Genre Rap
Year 2000
Duration 0:44 (short TV version)
1:39 (extended version)

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme Song was written and sung by noted 1980s rapper, Schoolly D. The song was written while in his limousine on the way to the studio.


My name is…

Shake zula, the mic rula, the old schoola, you want a trip, I’ll bring it to ya

Frylock and I'm on top, rock you like a cop, Meatwad, you up next with your knock-knock

Meatwad make the money see, Meatwad get the honeys G,

Drivin' in my car, livin’ like a star, Ice on my fingers and my toes and I'm a taurus.

Uh! Check-check it, yeah.

Cause we are the Aqua Teens, make the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream!

Cause we are the Aqua Teens, make the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force,

Number one in the hood, G

Note: The clip in between is of Shake from "Rabbot" saying "Dancing is forbidden!"


Aqua teen hunger force (full lyrics)


During the airing of the fifth season in November 2006 Schoolly D and Cartoon Network were sued over the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme music. A drummer by the name of Terence Yerves claimed he had also written the theme music alongside Schoolly D in 1999 while working at the Meat Locker Studio. Yerves was aware the song would be used for a television series but did not approve of it being used for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, however, did not file the copyright to the Library Of Congress until May 2006, several years after the series started airing in 2001. In the lawsuit Yerves demanded he receive 150,000 for every time the series was aired after the lawsuit was filled, he also demanded that all existing copies of the series' DVDs be impounded and for Aqua Teen Hunger Force to cease broadcast.

Aqua Child Hunger Force Version

During the "Adult Swim, Jr." stunt for April Fools Day 2021, a new version of the theme song was made. The series title was changed to "Aqua Child Hunger Force." The lyrics are enunciated much more clearly in comparison to Schoolly D's vernacular. Changes to the lyrics to the verse were minimal, but the hook was noticeably different. The lyric "Cuz we are the Aqua Teens / Make the homies say 'Ho!' and the girlies wanna scream" was changed to "Cuz we are the Aqua Child / Make the homies say 'Ho!' and the girlies wanna smile." In addition, the ending lyric was changed to "Aqua Child Hunger Force, Number One on the Playground."

Season 12

In 2023, the series was brought back from cancellation. New episodes featured a new remix of the theme song. The vocals are the same aside from Meatwad's portion being pitched up. There is also an additional section where Schoolly D says "You know that we're back!" and "All in trouble!"

This intro has better animation for the characters. Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad are all dancing during their respective parts of the verse. The The Mooninites in their spaceship also make a cameo at the beginning.

Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro said in an an interview that they had plans for a completely new intro but that they didn't have room in the budget to complete it.


  • There are several points during the theme at which you can see Frylock's beard is cut off at the bottom.
  • The extended version of the song was included in the 2011 video game, Saints Row: The Third.
  • The closed captioning for the Season 12 remix of the theme song.
  • As of November 2023, the closed captioning on the streaming service Max suggests that the lyric "Meatwad, you up next with your knock knock" is actually "Meatwad, you're up next, work it out now!" However, the closed captioning for the "Aqua Child Hunger Force" spoof suggests that the lyrics on this page are correct as is.