"Time Machine"
Season 6, Episode 6
Original air date May 3, 2009
Production code 606
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Dave Willis
Featuring Frylock, Master Shake
Also Appearing Meatwad, Carl, Boxy Brown
Parental Advisory TV-14-DLV
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 6
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Time Machine is the sixth episode of season six and the 84th episode overall.


Frylock invents a time machine, but it can only go to Carl's house. Shake goes to the year 8008 (because it looks like "BOOB") and steals Carl's sweatpants, Giants lamp, and chair. Then he travels back to the year 7734 to make it spell "HELL" upside down and it comes back to their house. Frylock goes to the year 8009, and it has giant cockroaches that scream "MEAT!" at him. It turns out that they aren't in the year 8008 or 8009, and that 8009 is another part of Carl's house, infested with cockroaches, who the Aqua Teens find annoying, and have exterminated. Meatwad and the house are destroyed in the process.


  1. Meatwad and the two giant cockroaches are killed by a missile.


  • Boxy Brown makes a very quick cameo appearance at the end, Meatwad pulls him out and calls him his cousin by marriage before he gets blown up.
  • When Shake first appears, he is singing a parody of the song "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats.
  • After Shake returns his first time he cranks up the sound on the TV and the song "Yakety Sax" is playing, which is best known as the theme from "The Benny Hill Show.
  • This episode has a shorter opening. This also happened in Der Inflatable Fuhrer. It was never changed in re-runs, but it was fixed on DVD, and other home releases however.
  • The machine didn't travel through time, it took them to random spots depending on what number was typed in. 8008 and 8009 both lead to different parts of Carl's house, and 7734 leads back to the Aqua Teen's house.
  • This episode and 2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out Of Five are the only episodes of Season 6 to be rated TV-14. The latter episode has been re-rated to TV-MA, however.