"Totem Pole" is the 10th episode of Season 9 of Aqua Something You Know Whatever, and the 120th overall.


Carl invites the Aqua Teens to his house, in an attempt to get them to go to a concert with him. After a lot of haggling, Carl gives the tickets to them for free. He takes them to his house and introduces them to the foreign band Totem Pole. Frylock notices the strange pattern of heads being shoved up asses in the band's lyrics and decides to leave. Meatwad, Shake, and Carl proceed to the concert, but Meatwad almost immediately leaves with Carl's money, because he's "afraid of the dark." When the concert starts, the band forms a Totem Pole with Lenny the Troll as the head, Carl's head shoved up Lenny's ass, and Shake's head shoved up Carl's ass. This summons an army of skeletons. Totem Pole immediately realizes that summoning the army of skeletons was a very bad idea. They decide to barricade the doors and talk to Carl for a little while and everyone else in the auditorium left as soon as the Totem Pole was assembled. The band then decides to fight off the skeletons to get to the Washington D.C. show but most of them are killed in the process. Lenny the Troll finally exits Carl's head. Carl immediately realizes the approaching army of skeletons, Shake however, is still unaware and asks Carl if they can party and hook up with Totem Pole. Carl responds with "shut up" as the skeletons are about to kill them.


  • When this episode premiered, several plot lines were leaked, including the plot of "Muscles," "Spacecadeuce," and "Piranha Germs." However, there were also rumors of an episode revolving around Carl's funeral, which was supposedly to be his last appearance on the show, but it never happened.
  • Neilzabub appears at the concert.
  • Some of the Totem Pole albums that Carl shows during the episode are possible references to other songs/albums (e.g. “For Whom the Bell Poles” references to the Metallica song “For whom the bell tolls”)