Ultra Mega Chicken is a massive, legendary chicken featuring horns, fangs, and (for some reason) jet engines.

Its sole appearance is in the episode "Video Ouija", after being unintentionally summoned by Frylock using's chicken-summoning staff while trying to bring Shake back from the dead.

His efforts prompt Ultra Mega Chicken to fall out of the sky, crushing Carl to death under his talons, and prompting Meatwad to ask if he can go ahead and let go of Carl's (severed) hand.


  • mistakenly calls him "Mega Ultra Chicken" in the beginning of "Video Ouija".
  • Ultra Mega Chicken was somewhat of a meme because of the internet series Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series where the trading card "The Winged Dragon of Ra" was, for a time, referred to as simply "Ultra Mega Chicken" by characters. This was later retconned. One video suggested that the creator simply forgot about the running gag, but another video implies that the creator didn't find it funny anymore. It should be noted that the show is an unlicensed parody of an anime; ergo, the videos have been taken down from YouTube due to copyright violations on numerous occassions.