Unbelivable Ron

Unbelievable Ron is an African-American magician who makes brief appearances in "Merlo Sauvignon Blanco", and "The Greatest Story Ever Told." He is most known for his act in which he saws his partner in half. Though, his attempts to perform this trick in a later episode result in her torso actually becoming separated from her lower half.

In "Merlo Sauvignon Blanco", due to Ron stealing his act at a local high roller room, Merlo hypnotizes Shake into murdering the latter with an ax. Though, his attempt fails, as Ron teleports Shake to the Aqua Teens residence before any crucial damage is done.

In "The Greatest Story Ever Told", Frylock and Carl attend one of Unbelievable Ron's magic shows with Christopher Lambert. Though, during his performance, Ron accidentally saws his assistant in half, with blood and guts spewing onto the stage. Ron claims "No one needs to see this shit" and transforms the entire audience, the witnesses, into birds, excluding Carl and Frylock. He then turns only his head into a flock birds, which ended up killing him


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