Universal Re-Monster

The Universal Remonster is a werewolf-like monster remote control created by the Plutonians. The monster itself is made out of other remote controls. In the episode "Universal Remonster," the Plutonians steal cable from the Aqua Teens, so they can virtually watch television through the Fargate, though they cannot control the rapid channel changing. Master Shake eventually takes it and uses it terrorize Meatwad until its batteries run out. It also appears to have control over all things around it, such as being able to levitate them. He makes a cameo for the first time in over twenty years in "Anubis".


  • Towards the end of the episode, Oglethorpe makes a baseless claim that the Remonster can only be killed with the Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis, though he eventually admits that even poking it with a pillow could kill it; the saber, though purely fictitious, is now a weapon in Diablo III. The saber's in-game text describes the sword bearing the marking "Em Ryog Elth'orp". This is a reference to its creators, Emory and Oglethorpe.
  • He appears to operate off of batteries.