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The first time I watched ATHF is around 2006 or 2007, I don't remember which episode I watch. But I didn't care for it much until 2008. I just only watched Futurama, Family Guy, and sometimes Robot Chicken around that time. Around 2008, I started to watch ATHF and Harvey Birdman and started to love it. Meanwhile, I started watching more Adult Swim after these two shows.

Favorite Episodes

  1. MC Pee Pants
  2. Mail Order Bride
  3. Super Bowl
  4. Super Trivia
  5. Total Re-Carl
  6. The Shaving
  7. The Clowning
  8. Unremarkable Voyage
  9. Robositter
  10. Dusty Gozongas
  11. Hand Banana
  12. Sirens
  13. Bible Fruit
  14. Gene E.
  15. Fry Legs
  16. Rubberman
  17. Juggalo
  18. Multiple Meat
  19. Larry Miller Hair System
  20. Intervention
  21. Jumpy George
  22. Big Bro
  23. Rocket Horse & Jet Chicken
  24. Bookie
  25. Freda
  26. Storage Zeebles
  27. Sweet C
  28. Rabbit, Not Rabbot

Least Favorite Episodes

  1. Dumber Dolls
  2. Super Hero
  3. Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary
  4. Broodwich
  5. Hypno-Germ
  6. Boost Mobile
  7. Party All the Time
  8. Antenna
  9. Robots Everywhere
  10. Creature from Plaque Lagoon
  11. 2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out Of Five
  12. Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula
  13. Totem Pole
  14. Skins
  15. Mouth Quest

Top 3 Favorite characters

  1. Carl
  2. Meatwad
  3. Master Shake

Favorite Quotes

Carl: "If you need anything, you know who to look to, someone else." - Super Birthday Snake

"Tonight...You" - You should know this by now.

Meatwad: "Fudge you, butthole" - Total Re-Carl

"Frylock: You know, I think I've finally found a good use for the TV.

Master Shake: You put that right back upstairs!

Frylock: No.

Master Shake: Well, then, you help me move down my chair down here so I can watch it. HERE!

Frylock: No, I won't.

Master Shake: Uh... well... I will pee all over my pants, and THEN who's gonna end up looking bad? Huh?

Frylock: You just stay down here with your TV and fuck it then, ok?

Master Shake: Well, maybe I WILL! "- Universal Remonster

Other favorite [AS] shows:


Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

The Boondocks

Rick and Morty

Mr. Pickles


Non-[AS] shows:

Beavis and Butthead

King of the Hill

South Park

Family Guy

The Cleveland Show

The Office

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