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The first time I ever watched ATHF was in 2007, where I watched some of Super Birthday Snake. At the time, I was more into Code Monkeys on G4. A couple years later, in 2014, I started to watch King of the Hill and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. An year later, I watched the first 6 episodes of ATHF and some Squidbillies as well. Then in early 2016, I found Space Ghost Coast to Coast Volume One on DVD at a Goodwill store, and I fell in love with the show. Shortly after, I started to watch more [adult swim] shows, including Aqua Teens, as well as other adult cartoons, series, and anime.

Top 15 favorite episodes:

  1. The Dressing
  2. Bus of the Undead
  3. Kidney Car
  4. Shake Like Me
  5. EDork
  6. Eggball
  7. Reedickyoulus
  8. Banana Planet
  9. Totem Pole
  10. Deleted Scenes
  11. Wi-tri
  12. Dumber Dolls
  13. Mouth Quest
  14. Bible Fruit
  15. Fightan Titan

Top 3 favorite main characters:

  1. Carl
  2. Master Shake
  3. Meatwad

Top 3 favorite minor characters:

  1. Ignignokt and Err
  2. Turkatron
  3. Dumbassahedratron

Favorite Lines:

Frylock: "Ride the bus to Bus Hell, you bus!" - The Hairy Bus

Master Shake: "You're both yo-yos. Shut up, ya yo-yos." - Escape From Leprechaupolis

Ted Nugent: "Anybody without a gun, a knife, a handkerchief and a chapstick get the fuck outta here." - Gee Whiz

Boxy Brown: "Don't you ever leave me with that fool again! I'll slit you up the middle!"

Meatwad: "OK, Boxy."

Boxy Brown: "OK, nothing! Muthafucka did not feed us!"

Meatwad: "I will... I will know better next time."

Boxy Brown: "HE PEED ON ME, BITCH!" - Carl

Meatwad: "Remove the chain, cause that's off it." - Dirtfoot

Monkey: "We're strong and our rage is fueled by ignorance!" - Banana Planet

Master Shake: "See this, Dracula called, and he's coming tonight!" - Little Brittle

Pretty much anything MC Pee Pants says.

Other favorite [as] shows:


Space Ghost Coast to Coast

The Venture Bros


The Eric Andre Show

Sealab 2021

Home Movies

12 oz. Mouse

Favorite non-[as] shows:



It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Monty Python's Flying Circus

American Dad!

Family Guy

Code Monkeys


Reno 911!


Bob's Burgers

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