aka Your name but backwards

  • I live in Check behind you
  • I was born on December 1
  • My occupation is Finding out where you live
  • I am whatever gender you are.

I have no idea what to put here, not like anyone is going to see this anyway.

The Hall of Fame/Shame

All of these are my personal opinion.

Favorite Episode: Knapsack! / Granite Family (Both very underrated episodes)

Favorite Meatwad Episode: Zucotti Manicotti

Favorite Shake Episode: Laser Lenses / Broodwich

Favorite Frylock Episode: The / Bible Fruit

Favorite Carl Episode: Big Bro

Least Favorite Episode: Bookie

Least Favorite Meatwad Episode: T-Shirt of the Undead (Overrated Episode)

Least Favorite Shake Episode: Eggball

Least Favorite Frylock Episode: Party All the Time

Least Favorite Carl Episode: Carl (Spacegate World)

Worst Season: Season 7 / Season 3 (Underrated Opinon)

Best Season: Season 11 / Season 8

Most "Meh" Season: Season 6 / Season 10

Most Polarizing Season: Season 9 / Season 4

Main Characters from Best to Worst: Shake, Carl, Frylock and Meatwad.

Best Season 1 Episode: Interfection

Worst Season 1 Episode: Rabbot

Best Season 2 Episode: Broodwich

Worst Season 2 Episode: Total Re-Carl

Best Season 3 Episode: Dusty Gozongas

Worst Season 3 Episode: Little Brittle / Carl / T-Shirt of the Undead

Best Season 4 Episode: Ezekial / Grim Reaper Gutters / Global Grilling

Worst Season 4 Episode: Party All the Time / DirtFoot / Deleted Scenes

Best Season 5 Episode: Reedickyoulus (Very Underrated Episode) / Bible Fruit

Worst Season 5 Episode: The Marines / Boston

Best Season 6 Episode: Time Machine / She Creature

Worst Season 6 Episode: Fry Legs / Last Last One Forever and Ever

Best Season 7 Episode: Multiple Meat / Kangarillia / 100

Worst Season 7 Episode: Juggalo / Eggball

Best Season 8 Episode: Vampirus

Worst Season 8 Episode: Intervention

Best Season 9 Episode: Granite Family

Worst Season 9 Episode Bookie

Best Season 10 Episode: Storage Zeebles / Skins

Worst Season 10 Episode: Merlo Sauvignon Blanco / Piranha Germs

Best Season 11 Episode: Knapsack!

Worst Season 11 Episode: Sweet C (Very boring Episode)/ The Hairy Bus (Wasted potential)

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