"Vampirus" is the 6th episode of Season 8 and the 106th overall episode of Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1. It aired on June 19, 2011.


Shake is out with Carl in his backyard, sunbathing and discussing an "overhyped" vampire invasion which killed the president. Dusk eventually falls, and vampire bats strike, taking Shake with them while biting him. The next day, Meatwad finds their old landlord Markula on television, being interviewed. Shake comes back, showing to be bitten and infected. Meatwad cannot let him in, but he's determined to, and he eventually does. Shake is shown to be bitten everywhere but his jock. The Squad goes off to Markula's cave in search of him, and there Frylock and Meatwad leave Shake by himself to confront Markula and his goons, only to find out he is truly immune to the Vampirus. Shake soon gets himself on television, being interviewed as to how Marklula was earlier. He shows off his t-shirt reading "I'm Immune" and "Hot Dong", pointing downward to his jock. He gives out his message to all women and gives off his number only go off in an act of rage a few moments later. Frylock then gives the vampire vaccine to Carl so he can be vampire-free. That night, Carl still ends up getting attacked by vampire bats. Shake goes outside to splash the blood from the vaccine on him which only makes the vampires enraged and hungrier. Meatwad lets whats left of Carl and the bats inside. The Squad hides in Meatwad's room, where Shake is thinking of names for the vaccine. He eventually puts on garlic deodorant, as Markula appears along with a wave of bats through a hole in the roof that Frylock had complained about earlier. The stench of Shake's deodorant drives the vampires away, including Markula. Frylock explains this in an interview and reveals he has created lines of garlic toiletries that have made him rich, but according to the interviewer have also attracted steak sauce-craving bears, and Shake destroys the TV out of jealousy and rage. He then goes outside to pour steak sauce as a vampire "vaccine" on himself, thinking vampires still roam at night despite every vampire being dead. Rather than driving vampires away he attracts the bears that were warned about on TV, despite claiming otherwise. As Shake notices a crowd of bears gather around him he tries to make friends with them while a nervous Meatwad locks him out. The bears then proceed to maul Master Shake.


  1. The president is said to have been attacked and eaten by vampires.
  2. Carl is eaten/mauled to death by vampires.
  3. According to Frylock and Meatwad every vampire died after Frylock sold his garlic products.
  4. Master Shake gets mauled to death by Bears.


  • Markula returns in this episode and since he's the Aqua Teens' landlord, Frylock complains about a hole in the roof.
  • Frylock pulls out the Volume 6 DVD and advertises it but mistakenly calls it Season 8.
  • The episode Couples Skate is flashed back.
  • This episode once more starts off with the caption "Seattle."
  • The lab is brought up, only for Shake to call it out as Frylock's bedroom.
  • The episode Freedom Cobra is flashed back to Shake kicking the dog Bobby/Shenandoah.
  • Shake's phone number is 201-555-0156.
  • Judging by where the bats did not bite, Master Shake apparently applies stick deodorant to his groin.
  • Even though Master Shake has been bitten and is not actually immune to the Vampirus, he is not turned into a vampire.