Vegetable Man.

Vegetable Man is a short similar to Assisted Living Dracula in the sense that it is simply a fake television show that was watched by the characters. It is seen in two episodes; Mayhem of the Mooninites, and Time Machine.

The episodes can be seen within Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Don Kennedy as Vegetable Man

Mary Kraft as Female Shopper


A female shopper (portrayed by Mary Kraft) is at a grocery store in the produce section, looking at the vegetables. She picks up a pepper before putting it back selecting another one; picking up the second pepper reveals an eye. Vegetable Man (Don Kennedy) comes out of his hiding place with several growls and attempts to attack the woman, who is frightened and yells in fear. Vegetable Man continues to chase the lady, rather slowly, through the rest of the produce section. The scene cuts, and as she runs past, Vegetable Man is right behind her, making a very odd smile at the audience. Then, the words "Vegetable Man" Appear on the screen in spooky green lettering, against a black background, followed by the words "Eat your veggies this Christmas." At this point the screen goes black; this is followed just a second after by a surprise pop-up of Vegetable Man, probably meant to startle the viewer after tricking them into thinking the short is over.


  •  The entire short film was directed by Jay Edwards, an editor for the show.
  • Though only bits and pieces are seen on the show itself, the short in its entirety can be seen on Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 2 DVD Disc One, as an easter egg. The easter egg can be found using the following instructions: 
  • On Disc One, go to Episodes, and on Episodes 1-4, highlight Super Birthday Snake and then press right. A chip will be highlighted, choose that. You will then see the full version of the Vegetable Man short.