"Video Ouija" is the first episode of the third season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 43rd episode overall. It originally aired on April 25th, 2004.


Cold open: The Plutonians zoom their ship through space, Oglethorpe sees the Mooninites flip them off in their ship while flying in space, and stop their ship. However, they stop it too fast and fly out of it due to how fast the ship went.

Meatwad plays his new video game Video Ouija with Frylock watching, conversing with undead spirits. Master Shake, observing Meatwad at play, concocts a typically idiotic plan to kill himself so he can enter the game and haunt Meatwad as a ghost, but is stopped by Frylock in the act of trying to hang himself. This enrages Shake, who attributes Frylock's intervention to him "always taking Meatwad's side". Frylock tells him to shut up and go to bed.

Next morning, Frylock finds Carl's pool full of bloody remains and floating, drugged piranhas, with a hose leading to the tail pipe of 2 Wycked, which has run out of gas at some point in the night. Evidently, still planning to fulfill his original plan of torturing Meatwad from beyond the grave, Shake waited until Frylock went to sleep and carried out a ridiculously elaborate suicide by stocking Carl's pool with live piranhas, then simultaneously taking an overdose of sleeping pills, breathing carbon monoxide from Carl's running car, throwing a plugged-in toaster into the pool and then jumping in after it. Carl, viewing the scene, dryly questions "Hey, did he want to kill himself?"

Shake has left a blood-smeared note, in which he tells Frylock to bury him with all his posessions, "because you know they're mine", and urges Meatwad to get on his Video Ouija, since he's now going "wail on him from the grave".

Frylock, by this point all-too familiar with Shake's idiocy and incredibly bad judgment, reads the note with a straight face, but Carl is unsympathetic. Frylock glumly agrees, but leaves the scene quickly. Carl says he can't help but notice that he's trying to leave, and wonders if he might be interested in helping him clean the "Shake stew" out of his pool, to which Frylock grumpily responds in the negative, earning him a veiled threat from Carl in response.

Back at the Aqua Teen House, Meatwad quickly loses interest in Video Oujia and stops playing it, which ruins Shake's plan and bores him, so he demands Frylock bring him back to life somehow, since he's a "math guy" despite Frylock's protests that he doesn't think "math" is going to resurrect a dead person.

To make an attempt at resurrecting Shake, Frylock hires, an African witch doctor specializing in resurrecting chickens as well as doing birthday parties. Frylock and Billy get a reluctant Meatwad and Carl to assist them in performing the spell by holding hands and forming a seance circle, despite Carl's angry protestations about "holding hands in fairyland", insisting that he doesn't do "both sides of the field...with the short-shorts".

After a number of pranks, including several gay jokes that nearly drive Carl away, as well as forcing the group to chant "I am Sofa King, We Todd Ed" simply to amuse himself, Billy finally gets down to the actual resurrection, chanting "Arise, Chicken!" repeatedly and banging his staff on the ground. Nothing happens, even after he brings in his fog machine and moves the group to a new location for "better reception". Frylock eventually gets sick and tired of the whole thing and kills Billy with his laser beam eyes.

Taking up Billy's chicken summoning staff, he tries one more time to resurrect Shake. The spell instead summons Ultra Mega Chicken, a massive, legendary chicken with fangs, horns and jet engines, which kills Carl by landing on him.


  1. Master Shake kills himself by drowning in Carl's pool with pirahnas while breathing in monoxide and overdosing on sleeping pills.
  2. is blasted by Frylock's eye lasers.
  3. Carl is crushed by Mega Ultra Chicken.


  • This episode has the longest Spacecataz cold opening.
  • This episode was featured in the CSI episode "Formalities" (it can be seen playing on a television in a hotel room).


  • The console that Meatwad plays his games on is a replica of the Atari 2600 game system model.